Turning Up Sex and the City 2

As I opened the padded envelope, Mam exclaimed, “Oh mommy! She is sooo beauuuutifulll!” as she snatched my soundtrack of  “Sex and the City 2” out of my hands and just blissfully stared at SJP, who graces the CD case (is it still called an album cover?)

Oh Mam, do I have series to introduce to you in about 12 yrs!!

We opened the CD together and popped it into my laptop. MaM went off to play, and I stayed to listen. And I LOVED most of the soundtrack from first listen. There are songs to sing along with, showtunes, tunes that make me want to belly dance, and a few classics.

My first favorite:  The opening track, “Rapture”, by Alicia Keys. You have to love a song that talks about the characters with whom you’re obsessed. The line “because I’m so Carrie and my man’s so Big” caught my attention, and I just love it.They also managed to have the underlying theme music intertwined in the song, which just made it that much better.

Other favs include a rendition of “Single Ladies” by Liza Minelli. I cannnot wait to see how this plays into the movie. The other renditions that have me curious are the numbers sung by the “Sex and the City Men’s Chorus”. What is that? Why are they singing?? So curious! I’m also really loving Alicia Keys’ version of  “Empire State of Mind (part II) Broken Down”.

The song I turn up the loudest though? That has to be “Can’t Touch It” by Ricki Lee. I love, love, love it, and I’ve been playing it non-stop since I got this CD in the mail from the One2One Network.

To learn more and hear some sound bites, see http://bit.ly/O2Osatc2sdtk. Ready to buy it yourself? Use this link to Amazon: http://bit.ly/O2Osatc2Amazon

The movie was already on my “to see” list, but this soundtrack sealed the deal. The Mr. and I have a Friday afternoon matinee date.

Disclosure: The One2One Network sent me the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack to review, the soundtrack is mine to keep in exchange for this post.