Last month, our girl turned nine. We’d just gotten home from our Museum-cation out East, so we had a family day with a trip to the movie theater, her favorite pizza and chocolate cake. Once school started (three days after her birthday-ack!) we had a friend day at SkyZone and stopped for frozen yogurt. This year she didn’t have anything too pressing on her birthday wish list, so instead of buying gifts for her for the relatives who generously send checks, we gave her the cash.

You want to make a nine year old happy? Put her in charge of her spending. She’s designated some for the bank, and the rest I think she will spend in spurts.

I thnk her “summer of 9” was a good one. She’s experienced Girl Scout day camp. She’s been to a slumber party. She’s seen the long-awaited Statue of Liberty. We’ve had some chats (at her request) about things she wonders about. She’s getting new glasses soon, and has grown taller than some of the grownups in her life. She suddenly knows the songs on the radio, and has her favorites. She’s very into the audiobook of The Secret Garden right now, and is picking up other novels for pleasure reading. She’s on her third session of gymnastics, and is dedicated to practicing the skills she needs to learn to advance. Nine is all at once rather grown up, yet still playful. I’ll take it.

This week was back to school night, and at her desk was a “Selfie” poem. I think it sums her up nicely.

2014-09-04 18.23.33