Pieces of the Puzzle

I’m getting used to things being up in the air. To having our house on the market (it’s been a year, basically), and therefore not having answers to a lot of other things, like, “what school system will MaM be enrolled in in the Fall?” It’s taken some time, but I’ve become pretty OK with it.

It feels good to be moving forward, even if the whole “when will the house sell” is the great unknown. I know when it won’t be selling — it won’t be selling today. I went for a long (1/2 marathon) training walk, and noticed there was a text from BgK.

“Did you know there was a showing today?”
Crap. No. No, no I didn’t.

Then I looked at my voicemail. The listing service called 45 minutes before said showing and had left a message. The agent and the people walked right in, throwing BgK and the kids for loop. They didn’t stay. Oops.

Moving forward and fitting the puzzle pieces together:

We’re pursuing the public school district in which we live right now, and the way the district is set up actually works in our favor should we sell our house after the school year starts. Our local district has split into the East side and the West side, and there’s school choice within each side. So if she starts school, and then we move within our side of the district, she can stay where she’s started.

I also think we’ve found the right preschool (!!!) for the Fox (usually, I call him Junior here, but on FB we call him the Fox and it’s really cute). We’ll know in a few weeks if he’s been accepted, and if he has been, then we’ll officially have more a of plan than we have had for months.

This is the first summer in awhile (2007, to be exact), that we’ve had to have summer daycare for the kids, and we’re making headway on that too. The Fox can stay at his current daycare until preschool starts. MaM can attend a local daycamp between kindergarten graduation and first grade (!!) starting.

Now if we can just unload this house……..

He looks ready for preschool, doesn't he?