Somebunny Followed Me Home

I’m not exactly sure how it happened.

I was standing at the Fox’s school, waiting for him to come out on Friday afternoon, when an announcement was made- Freckles, the class bunny, needed a home for the weekend. Some how, this weekend was overlooked on the sign up sheet, and Freckles needed a place crash for the weekend.

I looked off into the parking lot.

One nanny said no for the family she picks up.

I looked down at my shoes.

One mom said they were already signed up for the following weekend.

I looked up- and people were looking at me.

“Um, I guess we can take the bunny. What do we have to do?”

“I’ll email you an instruction sheet! Let me go get the cage and the tote!”

The cage fit in the trunk of the van perfectly.

Rabbits don’t actually make any noise (more on this to come in upcoming post).

Their poo is small & non-stinky.

They don’t eat much.

But still. There was pressure.

There was pressure to be sure that Freckles was returned in the same condition (plus clean cage) on Monday morning.

Could we do it?

BgK and I, at times, doubted ourselves. We used twitter to enlist a professional in case we needed him.

Thankfully, all went well. We did learn a few things however:


That said, it was a fun weekend, and really not a huge inconvenience. And there were some adorable moments:


I’m pretty sure it’s moments like this one that keep Freckles welcome on the preschool circuit. Even if he did chew our wireless router/modem power cord on his way out the door this morning.