NCLM intro

I am so glad that I joined in all the fun for National Comment Leaving Month hosted by Mel. It’s been great visiting bloggers, and it’s been even better to be getting so many comments!

Things you may or may not be wondering:
My blog title is sort of half-spin on the concept of ‘gotcha day’ and half-quote of what I say when I pick up MAM when she’s crying “I gotcha baby, I gotcha..”

My hubby is not in the habit of dancing for money. Honest. At functions where there is normally dancing, he is typically not.

Hubby and I are parents through the miracle of open, domestic (extremely local) adoption. When our efforts to become parents weren’t working, we went to the doctors. They poked around about and our RE gave us his opinion–IVF w/ ICSI. He gave us lots to read. I read it all and felt like I was going to vomit, and knew that we weren’t going down that road. So I called the local Catholic adoption agency. We attended an orientation, and by the end of the meeting, we were both in agreement that we were going to try to become parents this way. We started the process in December of 2004, MAM was in our arms in August 2005.

We are about to add to our family again, thanks to the miracle of open, domestic (extremely local) adoption. If MAM’s adoption wasn’t open, and we hadn’t built a relationship with her birthmom, would her birthmom thought of us for this pregnancy? I have no idea.

I teach preschool and kindergarten. TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Woo-hoo! Yes, it is as exciting as an adult as it was as a kid.

I think that covers the basics. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please ask!

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