Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things I Love about My Valentine

1. He’s funny. OMG, is he funny. Fluids come out of my nose daily since I’ve met this man.
2. He’s diverse. He loves Yanni. And Tracy Chapman. And the Cure. And GWAR.
3. He’s a take-charge kind of guy. Being the oldest of seven, that’ll do it to ya, I guess.
4. He loves kids. His love for MAM radiates from the core of his very being.
5. He has pretty hazel eyes. (Just ask him–he’ll tell you)
6. He does the dishes. (God love him. He does the dishes)
7. He and I travel very well together. After one bad road trip with a friend, we made up a “rules of the road” contract, basically saying that we are never going to ride for long distances of time with other adults in the car. Because really, it’s more fun when it’s just the two of us.
8. He will brush off the snow and scrape the ice off my car if it’s out over night.
9. He is all about technology, photographs and backing things up. So we have very technologically advanced photographs on multilple storage devices. I love that.
10. He feeds my candy habit.
11. He doesn’t drink coffee, yet is completely respectful and supportive of the fact that I do, and that I function better if I do.
12. He fills my car up with gas. (After he does the dishes. God love him.)
13. He helps me to see the lighter side of things, which is good, because sometimes I have a hard time doing that.

Happy Valentine’s Day, BgK! XOXOX