He’s Doing It!

As I sit here drinking coffee, my husband is out walking a marathon.


As in 26.2 miles. In 30 degree weather.

Isn’t that crazy cool??

If you are browsing blogs this morning, please take two seconds to follow him on Twitter — www.twitter.com/bgkahuna and help him make it through! He’s been out there for about three hours and is at the halfway point.

I’ve done 1/2 marathons before, but never even envisioned doing two of those back-to-back. But he’s been diligent, and racking up miles each week, in the dark and cold to get ready for today. Isn’t that amazing?

Mile 11 on Twitpic

Still got two twinkies. TY for your support. Not you! twinkies. on Twitpic

And yes, he’s being fueled by Twinkies.