School’s Out for Summer (almost)

Today MaM graduated from kindergarten, but in Indiana snow-day fashion, she still has school next week. But between updating the Savvy Source City Guide and penciling summer events on the family calendar, I’m looking forward to some summer fun.

This summer will be different because I’ll be working two days a week. It turns out, most jobs don’t go on hiatus like teaching jobs do. Go figure. Anyway, three days a week we’ll have the day to do with as we please.

Here are some things I’m hoping we can enjoy this summer:

1) THE POOLS: Oh the pools– the pool in our neighborhood, the pool at the gym, the pool at the local park, and any pool we are randomly invited to swim in, how I cannot wait to go to the pool!!

2) The Library Summer Reading Program: MaM has become an amazing reader over this past school year. Amazing enough she’ll be able to read books that are worth more points, which will be kind of fun for her.

3) Movies at the Library: Ok, so the past two years we’ve been enjoying the free movies at the local theaters, but this year they are charging. They are charging a dollar per person, which suddenly makes RedBox a cheaper option. But the library has a whole summer of movies planned, so I think we will go there. And probably we’ll be seeing Cars 2 in the theater. There’s at least one person in our house who’s very excited!

4) An Indians Game: We meant to go last summer, but we never did. Does it get any better in Indy than at Victory Field on a nice summer’s night?

5) Free Bowling: Select bowling centers are offering two free games of bowling per day all a summer long for kids under 17, how fun is that? All you pay for is shoe rental. The kids LOVE to bowl, so I’ll be signing up to get the coupons every week and will hit the lanes some point. Here’s the link for free summer bowling.

What’s on your summer fun list?