Lunchbox Buddies Bringing Smiles to Lunches Across Town {a Giveaway}

We have officially reached the part of the school year where I’m kind of over getting the kids out the door every day. Signing the assignment notebook, checking the reading log, verifying the “Take Home” folder is indeed being sent back to school- the list goes on. Now that it’s colder we’re also auditing the hats and gloves and what nots.

And then there are the lunch boxes.Oh the lunch boxes. There are the actual boxes that are slightly caked with bread globs in all of the crevices, and then the containers I’m happy to see have made it home to live another day. Bah.

Enter: Lunchbox Buddies

Lunchbox Buddies are the creation of Jim Adorney, and they make school lunches more fun. These funky monsters add a smile to my day as I pick one out to put in the lunch boxes, and the kids get a kick out of them when they open their lunch boxes.  Who wouldn’t love a  little, “hey, I’m thinking of you” in the middle of the day?

This week, we are home from school (our ‘balanced’ calendar is another post for another day), and I’ve been using these notes around the house since the kids have been asleep when I leave in the morning. They give a little giggle during a week I’m trying to make fun for them while simultaneously working, getting ready to a road trip and looking ahead to December.




Could the little monsters in your life use a little pick me up or a giggle? Locals can head over to Mass Ave Toys and pick up their own packs- at $3.99, they’re a fun pick me up that won’t break the bank. They are also available online.

{The Giveaway}

Enter to win your own set of Lunchbox Buddies- they aren’t just for lunch boxes! One lucky winner will receive a set of Lunchbox Buddies, featuring Goofballs vols. 1 and 2. I love that there’s variety, and the kids who love to collect will have fun filling out their sets. I will pick one winner on Sunday, December 1st.

To enter, leave a comment below, telling me one sure fire way you can make your kid smile. For additional entries, do any of the following, and then come back and leave a comment for EACH thing that you did for an entry:

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Good Luck!