Dinner Delivered to Your Door

Nearly every Sunday night, I sit down with my menu plan notepad, and sketch out our week.

First, I put in all of our standing appointments/commitments.

Then I add in what’s specific to that week.

Then I figure out which nights I’ll have time to cook, which night will be a crockpot night, and which nights we’re having frozen pizza.

Glamourous, I know. My kids are picky, which can make it even more complicated, but that’s another blog post. I fill in the blanks based on time- what time we will get home in the afternoon, and what time we’ll leave in the evening for whatever it is we’re doing. Is there time to bake a meatloaf? Is there time to eat what’s in the crock pot? Am I passing out sandwiches in the car??

Last month, I learned there’s another option in my menu planning arsenal. One that falls somewhere between crock pot night and frozen pizza on the easiness scale, and one that surpasses what I ┬átypically make on the taste scale. Enter: Fresh Artistry.

A couple of weeks ago, Fresh Artistry knocked on my door. I was handed a large box, which claimed to have everything I needed to create a delicious balanced meal for my family. People- that box is MAGIC. With that box, I created this meal, in about a half hour.


Fresh Artistry is now serving the Indianapolis area, delivering everything you need to create a gourmet meal with quality, local ingredients. EVERYTHING, except the pots, pans and utensils is included.












Not only is everything included- everything is sorted by where it goes in your kitchen. There’s a bag for counter items (potatoes, spices, oil), and a bag for fridge items (butter, cheese, green beans), and a separate bag for meat.

Step-by-Step instructions make cooking a snap. Between the instructions that include what to do when (while the potatoes are boiling, mix the sauce, etc) and the fact that everything is pre-measured, dinner came together in no time flat. And because everything was measured already (in the cutest tiny condiment containers), dishes were minimal and my kitchen stayed clean.

Dreamy, right?

Dreamy, and available for families in the Indianapolis area! Fresh Artistry offers meals sized for two adults, and for families with two adults and 2-3 kids. Our meal was plenty for the four of us, plus one delicious lunch the next day (please note however, that my kids only ate about ten bites between them- clearly their problem, not mine).

So what are your options?

For a limited time, you can order just one box to see how it works for your family. After that, you place an order each week for three meals- three meals that included everything from locally sourced ingredients to the 3 tsp of cumin you will need. Each week there’s a set menu, but customized options are available. Each family sized meal is prices at $30, for a total of $90 per week, and the smaller option is $20 per meal/$60 per week. For us, that’s about what we would spend at a very casual (read: fast food or SteakNShake) restaurant. We don’t do that three times a week, but we also don’t eat locally sourced very often either.

Each week, there are 7 recipes from which to choose. Fresh Artistry is happy to do the choosing for you, or you’re welcome to customize your menu each week. That’s it. The BOX OF MAGIC will then arrive at your door on the pre-appointed delivery day.

December is the perfect month to try Fresh Artistry- between the holiday obligations and the weather, who wants to go to the grocery store?

Thank you, Fresh Artistry, for letting us try your services!