Around the Internet

This past week two fun things happened– I took part in a podcast with my friends Heather Sokol and Lorraine Ball, AND I got to read an advance copy of my friend Judy Miller’s new e-book, What to Expect from your Adopted Tween.

Wednesday, Heather and I invaded the world headquarters of Roundpeg, and had a good chat with Lorraine and Allison Carter about the world of the mom blogger. Joining us was Cami Back, of, and it was a great conversation regarding the changing face of motherhood and how the Internet can be a really useful tool for so many different reasons. Check it out at BlogTalk Radio.

My review of Judy’s book went up on the Open Adoption Examiner this weekend. If you are in any way involved in open adoption, or know someone who is, please read the review and get Judy’s book for yourself. All of those thoughts, fears and questions you’ve thought about yourself? She addresses them with grace, poise and a positive attitude. Adolesence is going to happen to your kid whether you like it or not, you may as well be prepared!

What else happened on the Internet this week?

My friend and cohort at Persephone, Selena, wrote a great piece on how not to talk to infertile people. She had to put a few dollars in the swear jar, but it’s a great post, with fantastic comments to continue the conversation.

Marcie wrote about not being the mom she wants to be– don’t we all feel that way sometimes?

Lori wrote on Gratitude, and it struck me. And it’s striking me now, as I attempt to link this up and the kids are playing “haircut guys.” Mam is combing my hair with a wooden comb she got with a Melissa & Doug vanity set for her birthday, and the Fox is blow drying my hair with an (empty) water shooter. Gratitude, indeed.