It Really Was Super

All of the Super fans may have gone home, but the Kahuna kids are still talking about the Big Game.

It happens when we pass the billboard that’s still up on I-69.

It happens when the Fox and I sneak into SweeTies on our way to pick up Mam from school.

“Mom, the Giants NEED this cake, right?”

It happens when they see the Super scarf BgK received as a member of #social46.

Once the Superbowl is on his mind, we have some version of this conversation:

“Are they playing the game, Mom?”

“No the game is over.”

“The Giants winned, right? The Pantries are the losers.”

“That’s right, the Giants beat the Patriots.”

“Go Giants!”

MaM is planning on going on a zipline, ANY zipline the minute she weighs enough. (She spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon watching the zipliners zoom across downtown.) She’s practicing her Roman numerals, and she’s still talking about how she swallowed her tooth during the SuperBowl.

She now knows who Madonna is (how is it that she didn’t before Sunday? I have no idea) and would like to hear more of her music.

I hope that, at least through stories and pictures, they always remember Indianapolis’ first turn as Superbowl Host.

I have a feeling it won’t be the city’s last. ┬áNicely done, Indy!