Connections: Exercise & Friendship

Saturday night I was lucky enough to be part of my friend Heather’s Out Run the Sun team, a 5k walk/run that benefits melenoma research, and gave me a chance to hang out with some of my favorite people . I brought both kids, and while the Fox enjoyed a fast ride in the stroller, MaM hung out with Heather’s girls (the oldest of whom was in charge, say what you will about teens, but I dream about the day I have one, just to be able to leave for a few minutes here and there).

(Here’s our pre-race photo — from left to right there’s Chris, Angie, Emily, Heather, Me, and Julie. Our post-race photo was canceled due to an incoming monsoon.)

When we got home (out running a major thunder storm by mere minutes), MaM told me that she had SO MUCH FUN. And that her new friend, Lorelai, well, she was THE BEST. And then she asked, “Do you talk to her mom?”

I answered, “Why yes, I talk to Lorelai’s mom quite a lot, actually.”

MaM then asked, “How do you know her?”

And it occurred to me that she had never heard this story.

“Well, Lorelai’s mommy has a blog, just like I do.’

“What’s a blog?”

“You know,”


“That’s a blog.


“I write stories on that blog and sometimes people read them. Lorelia’s mom has a blog called And a long time ago– before we adopted you and while Lorelai was growing in her mom’s belly, we started reading each other’s stories. And then, one night, when you were teeny-tiny, we decided to meet in person.”

“Was I there?”

“Yes, you were in your baby carseat and you were about one month old.”

“Was Lorelai there?”

“She was still in her mom’s tummy–she wasn’t born yet.”

“She wasn’t born yet? But we’re both five!”

“I know, but you were teeny-tiny, and your birthday is first. Anyway, I met Heather and we became friends.”

“I’m glad you’re friends mom. When can I see Lorelai again?”

See, as much as Heather and I like to hang out, we don’t ever include the children. We tend to do grown-up things together because with five kids between us, coordinating schedules before bedtime gets tricky. And who doesn’t like to have some girlfriend time??

The 5k walk changed that though, and I think MaM is going to be tagging along on my excursions from now on, which is OK.

It just shows me that my daughter has exceptional taste in friends too.