Oh…it is an addiction

I was warned EBay was addicting….

Tonight I took advantage of my first “second chance” offer….a seller offered me the BUM Genius diapers I have been furiously bidding on for the price I wanted, and I said yes! Am I crazy? Is there no going back now?

What will probably save me is that I am a bargain shopper at heart. Said diapers retail for $17.95 each. Since I would obviously only order them from a store with free shipping, my price limit was a few bucks below $17.95 per diaper. I stayed within my budget on the purchase. Honest.

Are you still carefully re-reading the words “BUM Genius diapers”? Have I lost my ever-loving mind? Maybe. But I’m going to give this cloth diaper thing a shot. MAM is down to just a diaper at nap and one at night–if they could be washable, I’d have a whole month before going back on the wheel of 24/7 diapers.

When MAM came along, the idea of the laundry and the bodily functions in the diapers grossed me out. I even threw out the occasional onesie that was victim to a blow out diaper. Now, afte having weathered nearly the first three years, daily laundry and bodily functions no longer overwhelm me. So I’m going to give it the old college try. I promise to keep you posted.