We are in full out summer mode around here, and so far, I have to say, it’s been delightful. Both kids have been good natured about their light summer learning schedule (reading and doing a couple of things daily, it takes maybe 30 minutes). Both kids have been good natured about the “you want it, you carry it” rule to the pool. They’re more than excited about the chore chart being the key to earning vacation spending money. They’re sleeping well, appreciating some special things we’ve done, and I have to say, this is living.

They’ve also reached a stage where they play really well together most of the time, whether it’s a video game or something, as they like to say, “in real life”. A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to meet up with Bungee Street Team and we were introduced to a fun collectible that they’ve been talking about ever since.


Bungees are little magnetic ‘guys’ that are flicked onto either metal discs or magnetic cards or a magnetic battlefield. Points are earned based on where the little guys land. That’s as much as I understand, but of course the kids have it all figured out. There are a few ways to play, and no matter how you play, the goal is to score more points than your opponent. I love that the whole things packs up into a compact bag or box. It makes a super portable game to bring along on trips.

Bungees at home

Much to the boy’s delight, each collectible comes with a collector’s guide, which means he can memorize all of the guys! and their points! and their powers! I don’t know if it’s the graphic or the system or what, but if there’s a kingdom that needs memorizing, my boy’s got it down. He’s also thrilled that all parts of this system, including the cards, are magnetic. The kids found that Bungees are fun to bring to a playground, or anywhere you might find metal.

Bungees will be available at Toys R Us and other select retailers soon. Until then, keep your eyes open for free samples around town. My kids would LOVE to play with your kids.

Disclosure: Thanks to Bungees, who hooked us up with a good start to our collection for the purpose of this review! Six collected, ninety more to go.