A New Kind of Fun: Perfect Moment Monday

Saturday afternoon we went to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Indiana State Museum (you can too, thru Sept 2). The kids are no strangers to museums- we visit a lot of attractions around town. I’ve been waiting for them to really “get” this museum though, because it’s not a hands on children’s museum. It’s a museum I’ve always thought “school aged” kids would really enjoy.

Well guess what? My kids are school aged and I was right! 

The kids dived into the Star Wars exhibit and took part in every hands on activity. They kept themselves busy for two hours in the exhibit, waiting patiently in line for their turns, and working through each activity.

It was by far the easiest, most relaxing, and enjoyable museum visit we’ve ever had, no exaggeration. Not that trips to assorted museums with strollers, diaper bags, and snacks weren’t fun, but it was a different kind of fun. This was an “I can read and learn things today too” kind of fun.



It was a new kind of  fun I can definitely get used to.

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