I Love Potty Training

Oh I only wish that were the case!

To be honest, I’ve been avoiding it with Jr. It was such a long, drawn out process with MaM, that turned into such a battle of the wills, that I really don’t want to think about doing it again.

But then I got an intriguing email from Joy Berry’s books (the children’s author who writes very straightforward books on emotional topics for kids)…would I like to review the iPhone App: I Love Potty Training?!?!

I laughed. Of course!! Of course my iPhone would potty train Jr for me! It already reminds me of appointments, keeps track of my groceries, holds my workouts and tracks my calories….of course it would potty train my boy!!

The I Love Potty Training app includes both the girl and boy version of the classic Joy Berry books, The Potty Book for Boys and the Potty Book for Girls. It also has a fun potty-themed games (MaM found those right away), and a reward chart right on the phone.

The app is easy to use, and both of my children liked listening to the “Potty Book for Boys” and the “Potty Book for Girls”. I think they really just like listening to the words  “pee-pee” and “poo-poo”, but I’m hoping that it helps get the concept across to Jr!

In addition to the child-friendly parts of the app, there are also tips and tricks for parents, and a way to email (to print) a success certificate when your child has finished the “training” phase.

All in all, I thought  the app was very easy to use, the information was helpful and my kids enjoyed it–we’re a few months away from actually getting down to business with junior, but I think it will come in handy when it’s time!

Thanks to Joy Berry books for providing me with this app to review It’s available in the iTunes store!

My Living Stories: A Review by MaM ( & a $25 iTunes gift card giveaway)

8/6/10: This giveaway is now closed! Random.org picked lucky number 3, so congrats, Elizabeth! Mom Central will be getting you your gift card shortly!

Earlier this month I was invited to try the new My Living Stories Apps for my iPhone. I jumped at the chance, because MaM (who will be five in one.short.week) loves playing with my phone. I toss it to her when we are in the car, or when we find ourselves waiting for something without much entertainment. Being the new-millennium kid she is, it took her all of five seconds to learn how to use these apps. Since they are geared for her age group, I thought I’d invite her to share her thoughts.

“What do you like about my iPhone?”

“It has games and stories.”

“Do you like to use my iPhone?”


“When do you like to use it?”

“When you’re not using it.”

“Is there a time when I don’t use my phone?”

“When you’re working on your computer and when you’re driving.”

“So you had some new stories on my phone yesterday. Did you like them?”


“What did you like about them?”

“They had Goldilocks and the three bears, and the bears were so mad she ate the porridge. And in Little Red Riding Hood, she learned not to talk to strangers anymore–the wolf was a stranger. “

“Did you like the pictures?”


“Would you like to get the other stories available?”


“Would you eat all of your vegetables if I bought you the other stories?”


**At this point in the interview, we take a break to listen to the stories again, and to play with the “record a story” option. **

“So MaM, do you like the part where you can record the story?”


“What do you like about it?”

“Ssh! I’m recording now!”

And we’ve found the part of the app that MaM loves best–the part where she can practice reading (or making up) the story, and record what she is saying, and then, most importantly, play back what she’s said.

There are currently five My Living Stories available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the iTunes store, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Tortoise and the Hare”, “King Midas”, and “The Princess and the Pea”.


Would you like the chance to try these out??

Simply leave me a comment telling me which story you think your kids (or heck, yourself) would like, and you’ll be entered to win a $25 iTunes gift card!

Fine print:

  • Contests open to Canadians.  Readers may enter the contest on multiple blogs but are only eligible to win one iTunes gift card as part of the My Living Stories contest.
  • Contest is open until August 6th. I will use random.org to select a winner.
  • Disclosure – I am participating in the My Living Stories program by Mom Central on behalf of Decode Entertainment. I received 3 free apps and a gift card as a thank you for my participation.