Two More Books on My Shelf

One thing I have done this summer is read…I’ve been reading about two books a week, which has been like a mini-vacation in itself.

Little, Brown sent me copies of Easy on the Eyes by Jane Porter and I’m So Happy For You by Lucinda Rosenfeld to toss in my beach bag this summer. It’s been too cool to go to the pool, but I’ve bee reading during naptime.

Easy on the Eyes follows the life of a successful TV host, Tiana Tomlinson, who is haunted by a tragic past. She feels like she is on top of her game, but the network execs feel like she’s aging on screen, the ultimate no-no. In her personal life, she’ s beginning to see that she is missin something, but she is afraid to let her guard down. A handsome plastic surgeon, Michael  O’Sullivan, keeps popping up in her life, and after a few chance encounters, she decides to give love a chance. As much as this book is a love story, it also shows on a personal level, the pressure women in the media and in Hollywood are under to not show their age, and how the double standard is still in practice today for men and women in media. After reading this book, I feel compelled to use more mosturizer.

I’m So Happy for You:A Novel About Best Friends, by Lucinda Rosenfeld is a look on the dirty underbelly of friendship. What, you ask, you didn’t know there was a dirty side to friendship? Neither did I. The book centers on two thirtysomething friends, in New York City. Wendy,  who is married, ttc  and gainfully employed, has a sense of superiority and mothers her jobless friend Daphne, who is involved in a nowhere affair. As the story moves along, Wendy’s life slowly unravels and Daphne’s starts to come together. As the tides change, envy rears it’s ugly, ugly head. The book gives a good portrayl of how all-consuming and depressing it can be to try to concieve a baby when the world around you is pregnant and you aren’t.  The book gets depressing though, as Wendy spirals more and more out of control. A more cynical person may find it entertaining, I found it sad and dark.

Both books are available on Amazon–happy reading!

Return to Sullivans Island

There’s something about a Southern story. Maybe it’s the rambling old houses, the weather that always plays a part, or the Southern drawl that’s put in print, but there is definitely something about a Southern story.

I had never heard of Sullivans Island before, but oddly enough, while I was reading this book, the governor of South Carolina went on a little romp, and his wife made a statement….from Sullivans Island.
Return to Sullivans Island is actually a sequal, to, you guessed it, Sullivan’s Island. I’ve not read the first book, but have added it to my reading list. This books stands on it’s own, and I had no problem following the story line or characters.
The story opens with Beth, a recent college grad, coming “home” to Sullivans Island to babysit the rambling old family house. She is a bit resentful to put her life on hold, but does so that her mom can fulfill her own dream of going abroad. It wouldn’t be a summer novel without a little summer romance, and Beth falls for the dashingly handsome Max. She is eager to assert her independence and decision making, and the dashingly handsome Max clouds her judgement a bit. The story moves from there, and Beth matures as her summer develops.
Return to Sullivans Island is a good summer read, peppered with romance, coming of age and enough twists to keep you interested.
Thanks to Mother Talk for sending me a copy of the book for this blog tour!
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Summertime=Summer Reading=Giveaway

I recently wrote a review of Elin Hilderbrand’s new book, The Castaways. It’s Nantucket setting and interesting cast of characters makes good surf-side reading. It’s actually available for purchase this week, but don’t go to the bookstore yet–enter my giveaway instead!!

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Good luck and happy summer reading!