Baby Einstein World Music

You know you’re a mom when you look for the new releases……new releases for your kiddos, not for your next dinner and a movie night.

Baby Einstein World Music is a brand new musical adventure starring Jane the Monkey and other puppet friends. She travels around the world with her drum, making music with native instruments on each continent. It debuts March 31 and has already become a new favorite at my house.

I’ve always been a Baby E fan, and find some of the details they include make me smile (Van Gogh the Goat with the bandaged ear, for example). This DVD is no exception–the puppets are dressed up in native costumes from around the world. Montessori families will also get a kick out of the map used through out the movie–it is a world map color coded like the one used in Montessori classrooms. MAM was most excited to see the familiar and beloved World Map on the television screen.

This DVD also has several features that will come in handy as Jr. grows. There is a “grow with me” option, that includes more spoken language. There is a “select a scene” feature enables you to pick a short segment to watch. There is also an option to play just the puppet shows and other features. I am excited to see each of these features–they are all things I wished were present when MAM was watching the Baby Einstein DVDs in heavy rotation.

As a compliment to the World Music DVD, the World Music CD showcases instruments from around the world in that distinctive Baby Einstein sound. The light, airy sounds truly are music to baby’s ears. Case in point: real bagpipes make Jr. cry, Baby Einstein bagpipes do not. Like the other Baby Einstein CDs in our collection, the music catches Jr’s attention and relaxes him. Baby Einstein World Music is definitely one to check out!

This post is part of a blog tour brought to you by Mom Central and Baby Einstein.

Stolen Moments…

Lately I feel like anything that isn’t directly related to the day-to-day operations of my family or my job is sort of a guilty pleasure. Included in this, in case you haven’t noticed, is blogging. By the time I sit down at night, any and all witty posts I’ve composed in my head are gone.

Anyway, blogging still has it’s perks, some of which I can pass on to you. Today is a prime example….awhile back I got a preview of Yanni’s new project, Yanni Voices. Yanni? You ask. Yes, Yanni. These days I’m finding Yanni most relaxing, and most adult. That’s the best way to explain it.

Yanni Voices is a new endeavor, putting lyrics and voices to music. I couldn’t really imagine it, but I have to say, it’s really good. Check out the sound here: Yanni Voices. There are no nursery rhymes, no songs about dinosaurs, no hand clapping–enjoy!

Bugaloo Baby Shoes

I remember discovering the world of soft-soled shoes for babies in the spring of 2006. I don’t know how long they were around before I discovered them, I just knew that all the hip babies had them. I wanted my baby to have them. Then I found out that “the” leather slip ons for babies cost as much as I usually spend on shoes for myself. So I picked up a pair of store-brand knock offs and left it at that.

A few weeks ago, I discovered Bugaloo Kids and I am thrilled to tell every one of you all about them. Bugaloo Kids sells adorable, sturdy soft soled shoes that will knock your socks off (pun intended). Bugaloo is run by Heidi Wells, a designer with fashion and common sense. You have to love a company that states, “Quality baby shoes should cost under $20.”
The sheer number of soft and supple choices are rather overwhelming, even for the baby boys in your life. Lions, pirates, sneakers….so many choices, such little feet.
Heidi sent me a pair of the froggy shoes for Junior to try out and they are fabulous in oh-so-many-ways. Junior rocks the footless sleeper, due to his the length of his legs and his feet, so he will be wearing these shoes all winter long. They fit his very long foot, and try as he might, he’s yet to kick them off.
As if bringing affordable, adorable baby shoes wasn’t enough of a noble mission, 5% of every sale goes to International Justice Mission, an organization that fights human trafficking (for really startling statistics and what you can do to help, check out IJM’s homepage).
Go check out all of the styles at Bugaloo–a baby in your life will thank you. Don’t you think that Junior’s big smile says, “thank you, Mom!” ? I do! (and could shopping for a baby’s first Christmas be made any easier? I mean, really….)