Parenting at Persephone

In the Fall of 2011, I began writing for Persephone Magazine. It’s much more liberal, much younger, and much more hip than I am, but they keep me  around anyway. I write all kinds of articles there, but I’ve written the most about parenting. No surprises there.

Away from Home in Our Own Backyard

Trick’s on You Mom

Elections 2010: I Hope you Win, Mommy!

On My Honor

Parenting in the Cyber Age: A Post with More Questions than Answers

We Try It: Rockin’ The MiniVan

My Kids (and My Sanity) are Dependent on Public Television

Teaching Your Kids To Sell

Ways to Raise a Writer

Women’s History Month: Now That I’m Raising a Woman

Just a Little Piece of Peace

Dreaming of Summertime

Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

Inappropriate Movie Viewing

Family Trips: Getting There

$3 Lollipops and Other Magic Kingdom Money Saving Tips

Are We There Yet? The 21st Century Road Trip

Looking Forward to Summer Fun

Three Friends Every Mom Should Have

Wrapping Up the School Year by Saying Thank You

Go the F**K to Sleep and Other Sentiments (warning: dollars in the swear jar!)

One Night Getaway: The Waterpark in Amish Country

Birthday Parties, Over the Top or Not?

Fasten Your Own Oxygen Mask First

A Dollar and Sense Lesson

The Montessori Approach to Gender Neutral Education

When It’s Gone It’s Gone

On Starting School

Feeling Fiber Fine

Channeling My Inner Mom Geek

Sick Day Survival

Camp Grandma

A Childhood Filled with Books

Selling Your Children’s Items









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