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"©2015 Mike Washington Photography" I’m an Indiana Mom Blogger- a wife and a mom through open domestic adoption, a preschool teacher turned Google AdWords professional/ digital marketing maven.  I drink too much coffee, read a lot of books and find a lot of excuses not to exercise. I started this blog a long time ago, while we were in the throes of waiting to adopt our first child. This URL was generated by Google at some point.

My kids are no longer little, and this space is no longer about them like it used to be. You never know what you might find here these days, but hopefully it will be nothing about potty training.

I am a contributor to All the Moms, which is part of the USA Today online network.

I currently write at Indy with Kids, and love being part of the #PLAYindy team.

I’ve written about family fun around Indy since 2010 at assorted websites, including  FamilyFunintheCity & SavvySource and  I wrote about a lot of other things at Persephone Magazine.

For three years, my friend Judy Miller and I co-directed/produced  Listen to Your Mother: Indianapolis , a live reading show dedicated to telling the stories of motherhood.

Contact me at: me@gotchababy.com

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  1. Hello there! Found you through ICLW, and I’m very happy I did. 🙂
    I’m gearing up for my second IVF, but have already decided that adoption is a path I’m very fond of and seriously considering. I’ll visit often. :))

  2. Just read your Google description of yourself as someone “who should probably spend less time on the internet and more time doing whatever it is those non-blogging people do.” Ha! I love it!!! (And now I really MUST get off this computer!)

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