Spectacular and SIX

Today MaM turns six.

She’s getting her ears pierced this week.

She’s lost SIX teeth, and the permanent teeth are almost all grown in.

She’s reading books. (She’s gettingĀ this Beverly Cleary boxed set
for her birthday. SO EXCITED for it!)

She’s swimming like a fish.

She’s writing letters to her former teachers.

She’s working on riding a two wheeler.

She still refers to everyone as her friend, and introduces herself to anyone who looks like they may speak Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie, Princess, Star Wars, Cars, Fairy, or Kid-in-General.

She is amazing.

I’m kind of biased, but this girl is the best there is.

I am so honored to be her mom, I can’t even stand it.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!