Admitting Defeat, or Plan B

So about 18 months ago,  I wrote about moving at least 1/2 of our worldly possessions into a POD container.

The idea was, if I do say so myself, BRILLIANT.

We moved everything we didn’t want around while our house was on the market into this container, and then, when we sold our house, we could have the container delivered to our new home.

Flashforward 18 MONTHS and untold dollars later (I know how many dollars we’ve spent on this container, but I don’t really want to admit it, so I’m omitting this fact):

We’ve yet to get one offer on this house of ours.

I miss my blender.

The kids have outgrown half the toys we’ve stored.

We’ve paid the value of the items in the unit, along with what movers would have cost and have nothing to show for it, except that we don’t have access to the stuff.

And we just got a notice in the mail stating that the rental fee is going up in September.

So here’s Plan B:

The unit has been delivered to our home, and we’re going to unpack it. (eek!)

We’re selling a bunch of it.

We’re keeping a bit of it (Christmas decorations, love seat, limited number of toys).

We’re donating the rest of it.

This means one of two things- either our house will remain on the market indefinitely, and we will be satisfied with our savings OR we’ll sell this sucker next week and then be faced with moving all this stuff AGAIN.

Sometimes, being a grown up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Go ahead– tell me some of your worst packing/moving/waiting to move/storage stories. It’s not like I have any moving to do myself!