Three Illnesses and a Wedding

Save for four magical days in the middle of the month, September was mostly a wash for me. First, the boy was sick. It’s heart wrenching when kids are sick- when you know they feel bad, but there isn’t a whole lot that you can do to help them. I mean, I tried- I pushed Gatorade and Sprite, and let him indulge in Netflix marathons. We ended up making two trips to the doctor. Lately, it seems that everything needs two trips to the doctor, because the first time they just poo-poo you and tell you that it’s viral. I say lately because it happened twice this month. I realize that doctor’s aren’t gods and they don’t actually have a crystal ball. BUT when a reasonably intelligent person has been at home with a sick kid for four days, and she makes an effort to go to a clinic that’s open on Sunday, chances are there’s something wrong.

It was the second trip (on Weds) where the NP agreed that the boy was sick enough to treat. The hand-delivered letter, sent home from school, written by the health department, warning of a SHIGELLA outbreak probably helped move that process along. So the boy recovered, and I went away for a magical four day weekend.

During this magical weekend, I got to spend time with a bestie from high school, while standing up for another bestie from high school. Yes, Chris and I were able to attend Jason’s wedding together. The weekend was amazing, and it was filled with love and friendship and new memories….and a visit from hotel security telling us to STFU. Because we can’t get together and not make noise.Anyway, Jason has found his person, and together he and Collin make an amazing pair of husbands. Chris and I kept marveling at how fantastic all of their friends are, and how well everyone (not matter if we were strangers) got along so freaking well. It was a very wonderful break from reality.

We met in our very first class on our very first day of high school circa 1987. We weren't nearly that dressed up that day.
We met in our very first class on our very first day of high school circa 1987. We weren’t nearly that dressed up that day.


The last time we were this dressed up together, we were going to prom, circa 1990.
The last time we were this dressed up together, we were going to prom, circa 1990.

Re-entry to reality wasn’t pretty- I was exhausted and had some killer blisters. I walked around in a haze Monday, felt more grounded Tuesday, but then I started to cough Wednesday.

Thursday afternoon I fell into bed with a fever…..and I’ve been sick ever since. Yes, it is now October. Yes, I’ve been sick since September 18th. And I’ve learned, the only thing worse than a sick kid is a sick kid when you yourself are sick. Meg fell into bed two days after me, and we spent the following week hacking up lungs and sleeping and sweating through fevers. And our first visit to the doctor yielded an, “it’s viral.” Again, I say, I know doctor’s don’t have a crystal ball. I know that bacterial infections can hide for days before they make themselves apparent, but DAMN. A phone call later in the week repeated that song and dance.

Which is how we ended up at MedCheck on a Saturday. By then, we were sick enough to be treated. And sick enough we were. We were diagnosed with the pioneer ebola- you know, pneumonia. I have no idea how anyone survived this disease before the advent of anitbiotics and albuterol. I’ve been treated with both now for over a week, and I’m STILL not stellar. People say it’s going to take weeks.

I’m using my time wisely though. I’ve discovered the wonder that is The Gilmore Girls.

Because no one needs to see my nebulizer, I’ll include some more photos from Jason’s wedding instead. And a link, because, it was, in fact, a society wedding. And there was a gossip columnist there! (for reals)

2014-09-13 19.01.16-2
The armadillo grooms cake, ala Steel Magnolias. Yes, it was red velvet. Duh.
2014-09-13 19.20.28
The armadillo’s head was a giant rice krispie treat. And it got passed around like a bottle of Boone’s farm during Freshman year.
2014-09-13 16.56.40
The flowers all over the ceremony and reception were sooo pretty.
2014-09-13 21.26.55
Just three friends who met in 1987.
We had a moment to take a selfie during the ceremnony.
We had a moment to take a selfie during the ceremnony.
2014-09-13 17.40.30
The grooms toasting before our grand entrance.