The ABC’s of Me

Hello! Welcome! If you’ve found me via ICLW, I’m glad 😉
Last month I sort of jumped right in, this month I thought I’d introduce myself, using the alphabet.

A  Apples. I love to eat apples. Not so much a fan of the “apple theme” that seems to go along with being a teacher. No, really.
B Boy,I am mom to one boy, and boy is he different from my girl! The obsession with wheels and things that go seemed to happen shortly after he arrived home.
C Cake. Cookies. Candy. Chocolate.
D Domain name! I own my own domain! It’s all of about 1 month old, and only about two weeks live on the internet.
E Elephant, I was one for my tap-dance recital in kindergarten. I can still sing the song.
F Feet, size 10 feet, or small canoes, really.
G Gotchababy was actually a name generated by Blogger way back. I liked it, and it stuck.
H Hope. Is there anything without it?
I Ice cream, sweet, delicious ice cream.
J Jail, I’ve toured a few, but always as a visitor, never a resident.
K Kieran, That’s my hubby’s middle name. I LOVE that name.
L Little feet, we have two pairs of little feet running around our house. Man, can they run (well, one crawls, but he is fast)!
M is my absolute favorite letter of the alphabet. It was even before my initials were 3M.
N No, I feel like I say this constantly to the boy. He doesn’t seem to mind though–he just smiles and continues to go about his business!
O Octopus, sometimes I think I’d get more done with more arms.
P Pizza, hot, cheesy, melty thin-crust pizza.
Q Quiet. My house is hardly ever quiet. I relish it when it is…at least the first 30 minutes or so.
R Rice Milk, is my daughter’s drink of choice. I buy it a case at a time from Trader Joe’s.
S School is starting in one short month.
T Teacher. I am going to start my 13th year of teaching in one month. HOW did that happen?
U Upside. There’s an upside to just about everything. I work really hard to find it.
V Very. Very hungry, very busy, very tired, very content, very.
W Wings. A new game with my daughter, she likes to pretend she has them.
X Xrays.It seems like one of us is always getting x-rayed for something. Most recently, a chest x-ray for the boy’s cough.
Y Yellow. I love it when kids say, Lell-yow instead. I may have pronounced it that way so MAM would. No one can prove it though.
Z Zoo. I feel like my life is a zoo sometimes. A lot of it is of my own making.

Monday, I’m in Love

8 years ago this afternoon, I married my best friend. The day was hotter than Hades, but we didn’t really mind too much. We were too busy being in love, surrounded by friends and family, and too busy PARTYING to really care (all venues and vehicles were air-conditioned to the max).

Since then, we’ve built a crazy-quilt of a life together, including some travel, two adoptions, a cozy townhouse, and an obsession with Saturn. I can’t imagine life any other way.

Happy Anniversary, BgK!

*we were married on a Friday…and yes, we played “Friday I’m in Love”. Our first dance? “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” by Dean Martin.

This WordPress Thing

I am really liking this WordPress platform (software? interface?)–it is very, very different from Blogger, and maybe not quite as intuitive (at least not for someone who’s used Blogger for almost 5 years), but it is verstile, and I like how much I can see in the dashboard. And, I do have to say, saying simply, ‘’ is pretty cool. And much easier to type.

So here is my question, WordPress users–what widget can you not live without?? I’ve found one for Twitter, and one for dashboard stats…but what else is out there???