Listen to Your Mother: The Audition Process

This week Judy and I are happy to announce that we’ve figured out the audition process for Listen to Your Mother: Indianapolis!

As she outlines in our announcement post, we’re going to go with the two step model.

Step One: Email us your piece at

Step Two: We’ll narrow down our submissions and invite people to audition the first week of February.

From there, we will have two rehearsals and then show will be May 2 at the amazing Indiana Historical Society.


Please, please, please consider writing your story and submiting to us.

Every day, I check the account, and every day, I get chills when I read the stories you’ve written. I cannot wait to hear them read aloud, by the very people who’ve written them.

Listen To Your Mother: Indianapolis- The Planning Stage, part one

So it’s been a week, and Judy and I are already making BIG plans. I’m going to chronicle our journey for a a few reasons:

  • When we feel overwhelmed, we can look back and see all that we’ve accomplished
  • I have a bad memory and chances are it will be good to have some notes along the way
  • I am also doing this so that a person toying with the idea of applying to host next year is able to see the process and get the inspiration to make it happen in their city.

So. Task numero uno- Find a venue.

Judy and i have been considering venues since the day we got the email announcing the Indianapolis would be on this year’s roster. There are beautiful performance spaces all over town, and the event coordinators we’ve been in contact with could not be more helpful or friendly.

We keep hearing that all we need are a podium and a microphone, and chairs for the audience.

We are touring our top two spots on Monday. Once we have the location nailed down, you’ll be the next to know the time and place!

Listen to Your Mother: Indianapolis 2013 ((It’s Happening!!))

For past couple of Mother’s Days, I’ve watched Listen to Your Mother blossom and grow. I’ve had friends drive hours to participate, I’ve listened to stories online. Last summer, Judy and I decided that it was time. It was time to apply to bring LTYM to Indianapolis. I mean, with a few experienced bloggers having already participated, and having such a solid core of women bloggers here in central Indiana, surely we could pull together a show. Right? Right!

So we applied.


So we are doing “this.”

And what is “this”?

This is a show that will be locally produced and directed in twenty four cities across the country.

This is a show that will be comprised of local writers and readers, local women who have something to say about their own mothers, or on being the mom themselves.

This is a show that will hopefully be the inaugural event that will become a Mother’s Day tradition in our fair city.

What’s next: Judy and I first have to secure a venue and set a date. As soon as we know a date for auditions, we’ll let you know, I promise.

So….wanna audition and/or help in some other way?

Not local? Meet the other directors around the country- I bet there’s one near you!

Ann Imig, founder (LTYM: Madison)

Stacey Conner (LTYM: Spokane)

Heather Davis (LTYM: Oklahoma City)

Ellie Grossman (LTYM: St. Louis)

Erin Margolin (LTYM: Kansas City)

Carla Martins (LTYM: Providence)

Shoshana Martyniak (LTYM: Wilmington)

Tracy Morrison (LTYM: Twin Cities)

Lovelyn Palm (LTYM: Northwest Indiana)

Laura Seymour (LTYM: Kansas City)

Varda Steinhardt (LTYM: New York City)

Suzanne Tucker (LTYM: St. Louis)

Zakary Watson (LTYM: Denver)

Melisa Wells (LTYM: Chicago)