This Monday is for Mozzi

Two years ago this month I met Casey, you may know her as Moosh In Indy (technically, Moosh is her daughter). She emailed me before we left for the Hallmark Moms E-vent we had been invited to (she was smart enough to ask for a list of the other attendees– smart, eh?) in Kansas City. We met, actually, at O’Hare airport while waiting for our second flight. Bloggers just have a look, you know?

That very same afternoon, Casey and I had lunch at the counter of the Crayola Cafe in Kansas City. MaM was content to color and eat french fries while we got to know each other. Casey and I talked about the trials of family building, and what it’s like when the world is pregnant and you’re not. It’s something, when fertility isn’t your strong suit, that you get used to talking about to the right people. The people who are interested, not just nosy.

A very young MaM showing off her masterpiece at the Crayola Cafe

For the next eighteen months or so, I followed Casey’s story. Her ups and downs and all arounds figuring out the path for her family.

And then there was this post, this post announcing Moosh:the sequel. And I smiled. The baby she had wanted for so long was going to become a reality. I’ve seen Casey several times during this pregnancy, and each time she’s more gorgeous and glowing than before.

Flash forward nine months and now Mozzi is almost here.

For the past few months, Emily has been hosting a fabulous virtual baby shower for Casey and lucky commenters. She also coordinated a pep rally of sorts — every couple of days a different friend sends some love to Casey.

Today’s my day.

My fingers are crossed that the USPS comes through and delivers an envelope for me (I may or may not have left enough time for punctual delivery, silly postal holiday).

Casey, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Mozzi is coming into this world. I know when the Fox joined us, I wondered what parenting two would be like. How could I possibly manage two? What every other mother on the planet told me is exactly true — your heart just grows and grows and you just do. Congratulations!