The Joy of this Boy

I cannot believe that Friday night, we went to his preschool orientation.

That he’s made a light saber out of his infant toy (the Fisher Price Rock N Stack rings).

That he’s over three feet tall and nearly forty pounds.

I certainly haven’t documented his life nearly as well as I documented his sister’s (what they say about second children? it’s all true), but he’s growing up, whether I blog about it or not.

He plays with his cars, his guys, and his tools.

He’d live on hot dogs, chicken nuggets, graham crackers and yogurt if I let him.

He’s been planning his “Lightning” birthday for weeks — a chocolate cake, with Lightning McQueen, please. He knows there will be presents involved, and that it’s going to be “his” day. He’s got a  Batcave coming for his birthday, and I think it’s going to be a BIG hit.

In many ways, I can’t believe that he’s going to be three, in other ways I can’t believe he’s only been on earth for three years, because I certainly can’t imagine life without him!

Happy, Happy THIRD Birthday, my sweet, sweet boy! (I’m getting this post up early, Tuesday’s his big day)