40 minutes to spare

Today, I *almost* didn’t blog. But here I am, more than 1/2 thru the month’s challenge!

Tonight was super fun– went to a Hasbro House Party & got to play the new version of Trivial Pursuit with friends. It’s the old game with a new twists… Topics as well as categories, and what are, essential, piker chips! That right, not only do you answer questions, you get to be whether your friends will answer correctly or not. Plus? You can BUY pieces of pie. It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

It doesn’t hit the shelves til August, but we are SO getting this when it comes out!

The New Board:

What’s the tooth fairy’s going rate these days???

MaM has been anticipating turning five with as much gusto as anyone I ever met (remember, I teach 3-6 yr olds), and she FINALLY has a developmental milestone that proves she is so close to five she can almost taste it.

For months, she’s been talking about “wiggly teeth”. Months. Last time we were at the dentist, MaM had her double check to make sure the doc hadn’t missed a wiggly one.

This morning she told me she had a wiggly tooth, and I merely “yessed” her. I was probably changing a diaper or pouring coffee or something when she told me.

Tonight at dinner, after she cried because her hard bread was too hard for her wiggly tooth, I inspected.

MaM has her first loose tooth!!!

I’ll be honest it took me by surprise, and it kind of took my breath away. I mean really, didn’t she just get these teeth? Didn’t we ache and moan for months to get these teeth? Four short years later, and she’s on to the next best thing.

I immediately thought of my favorite tooth-related book as a kid– Molly and the Slow Teeth. She, apparently, will be NO Molly!

Do you have a fav book about the topic of tooth-losing? It is SUCH a big deal in grades K-2 or so. Inquiring minds want to know!

One EskimO–Give Them a Listen

A long, long time ago (in the last millennium, to be exact), I used to go with my college roomie down to the Patio in Broad Ripple Village on Thursday nights. We’d leave our dorm after ER was over (that’s 11pm EST) and go see shows for a few dollars a piece. We’d sing along and dance and dance, stay til 1 or 2 am and then catch a few hours sleep before going to class Friday morning.

Now that it’s 2010, I don’t get to see live music all that very often, so when the One2One Network put the word out that a few bloggers were welcome at the One EskimO show at Radio Radio last night, I jumped at the chance. BgK literally walked in the door at 7:30pm after being gone all week. I was glad he made it home in time for me to pick up my friend Becky and make it to Fountain Square for the opening act.

Before the show, I had only heard the song, “Kandi”, which is currently getting mainstream radio airplay. It didn’t matter….once they started playing, the music was inviting and comforting. I was surprised by some of the instruments played…the percussionist had a full variety of ways to turn out a beat, and the bassist also played a horn   (my friend Becky is musical, and she’s thinking it was a flugelhorn), which had a fantastic sound.  We found ourselves swaying along and singing along to choruses we’d never heard.

Summation without much detail? Awesome. I went directly to iTunes this morning and downloaded the entire album.

Summation with detail? Go to their website, under the band tab. That describes their sound far better than I can. And, if you get the chance, see them live. You’ll love them.

Remaining 2010 tour dates:

Jun 12 – Minglewood Hall – Memphis TN USA
Jun 13 – Crossroads – Kansas City MO USA
Jun 15 – Blueberry Hill (solo date) – St. Louis MO USA
Jun 17 – 3rd & Lindsley (solo date) – Nashville TN USA
Jun 18 – Southgate House (solo date) – Newport KY USA
Jun 19 – Taste of Randolph Street (solo date) – Chicago IL USA
Jun 20 – People’s Court (solo date) – Des Moines IA USA
Jun 21 – Waiting Room (solo date) – Omaha NE USA
Jun 28 – Largo (solo date) – Los Angeles CA USA
Jul 01 – Anthology – San Diego CA USA
Aug 14 – The Fields at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park – Mile High Festival – Denver, CO USA
Nov 13 – Fox Theater – Boulder CO USA

Disclosure: I was given a pair of tickets to attend One EskimO’s show at Radio Radio in exchange for this review. The opinions on the show and music are mine. Thanks, One2OneNetwork for turning me on to this great band!