Staycation 2011: Kahuna Style

This past weekend BgK and I enjoyed a short weekend at home, sans kids. I dropped them off at Camp Grandma Friday afternoon.

If you know us, you know we didn’t actually stay at home– we just aren’t programmed that way.

First, we carbed up at The Cheesecake Factory Friday night.

Second, we woke up before the chickens to participate in the inaugural Carmel Marathon and Half-Marathon. Many moons ago (like 6, 7, years ago), I did the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. I don’t remember it being quite as taxing as it was this time around, but hey, I finished. Since I don’t really run, I was happy with my 16:10 mile pace (athough I would have been happier in the 15 minute range…). BgK attempted the marathon, and was kicking butt right up til he wasn’t. He got bumped off the course at mile 24, which was really disappointing. I still say he did the damn marathon.

Third, we went to our friends’ house to recover from the marathon and eat fantastic steak (nom, nom).

Fourth, we went on a cruise down the White River via the Perseverance II. What, you didn’t know you could cruise down the White River? It’s true. The Broad Ripple Boat Company has cruises every weekend, and is available for private charter. We boarded with some of our favorite people and had a blast.


After all of that, I fell into bed at 9:30pm, and slept for nearly 12 hours.

If there ever was a time where I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend, this would be it!