A School Day Bucket List

IndyforBucketListWe are now down to….oh 169 days of school left. I only know this because Andrew fills me in on the number of days he’s been in school. Every day. I kind of love having a kindergartner in the house again.

Anyway, it all started with a friend posting a photo of herself at the Indiana State Fair. By herself. During the day.

And then I realized something. Many of my friends sent a kindergartener off to school this week. Suddenly, my mom friends have a little bit of time on their hands. Time enough to go to the fair solo. While I’m working most days, there are few hours here and there I can dictate.

Last Thursday, Leilan and I went to lunch. By ourselves.

Now I’m thinking and I have more Ideas.I’ve got maybe one morning per week that is all mine. Here’s my pie-in-sky list, by month:

August: Prep for the IKC Sale, by myself. Instead of my covert after bedtime operation, I could do this in broad daylight.

September: It’s my birthday!  It’s fair to celebrate with a latte and nowhere to be, right? I think I shall go to Perk Up, order one and drink it there, while I read my book. Booyah!

October: The Heartland Film Festival! It will be here! And I can go to it!

November: Instead of going out to Christmas shop after bedtime, I’m thinking I can knock it out after I drop the kids off at school one more. Fancy that. I wonder if I could even make to the Junior League’s Holiday Mart

December: Wrapping Day! It’s a day to get together with friends, and wrap all the Christmas presents. And drink Christmas-themed cocktails. Hooray!

January: There’s this Little Nail Shop right across from my office- I think I’d like to go to there.

February: The month of love! Perhaps Leilan and I can have a fancy lunch somewhere while the children eat their lunch in the cafeteria. Hmm….

March: It will be IKC sale time again!

April: I love going to the 100 Acres Art Park. Usually though, I’m going where my kidswander. The plan here is to go and see what I want to see.

May: I think going to the track during time trials is totally reasonable, don’t you? Again, I’ve only ever gone with the kids. Which is fun, but let’s face it. Sometimes it’s more fun without them.

I plan on updating this as the year goes on….what’s on your School Day Bucket list?