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logo-savvysourceI’ve been contributing for over three years now, writing local features as well as Being Savvy articles- click and enjoy!

February 2014- Mini Dates in Indianapolis

January 2014- 100 Things to Do in Indy Before your Kids Grow Up

December 2013- Family Game Night 

December 2013- Holiday Celebrations

November 2013- Urban Wildlife: Indy Edition

November 2013- The Most Indy Day Ever

October 2013- A Spooky Indy Halloween

October 2013- Acting the Part in Indianapolis

September 2013- Little Artists in the Big City

September 2013- Big Ideas for Active Families in Indianapolis

August 2013- Books, Reading Nooks, and More in Indy Libraries

August 2013- Indy by the Numbers

July 2013- The Home Stretch of Summer

July 2013- Shop Local: Independent Toy Stores

June 2013- Indiana Fair and Festival Fun

June 2013- Father’s Day in Indianapolis

May 2013- Learning Adventures

May 2013- Celebrating Mom

April 2013- Visiting Indianapolis with Kids 

April 2013- If You Only Have One Hour

March 2013- Let’s Rock, Indy!

March 2013- The Best Party on the Block

February 2013- The Best Summer Camps in Indy

February 2013- Dates with the Youngest of Valentines 

January 2013- Indiana Home Grown Food

January 2013- An Old Fashioned Afternoon


October 2012- Free Family Fun in Indianapolis

October 2012- Pumpkin Patches and Halloween Haunts

 September 2012- The Sporting Life

September 2012- Indiana’s Hometown Heroes

August 2012- Favorite Subjects

August 2012- Ready or Not, Here School Comes

July 2012- Five Ways to Send-Off Summer 

July 2012- Scoops of Fun in Indianpolis

July 2012- Best Spots for a Summer Picnic

June 2012- 4th of July




October 2011- The Best of Fall 

October 2011- Fun Ways to Practice Listening 

September 2011- If Your Child Can Bake, Try Baking in Jars

September 2011- Best Book Nooks in Indianapolis

September 2011- Family Night with More than One Family

September 2011- Around the World without Leaving Indianapolis

July 2011- Christmas in July

July 2011- Curiosity at the Museum

July 2011- A Day at the Playground

July 2011- Promoting Lateral Thinking

June 2011- Creating a Dress Up Box

March 2011- Little Red Riding Hood: Pick Your Moral

January 2011- Five Baby Steps to Planning a Family Vacation


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