What’s Happened Since Then?

So we are home, and falling into a semblence of a routine….baby Kahuna is great–great at sleeping, great at eating, great at cuddling…..she’s a natural newborn!

We are filing the petition for her adoption this week (our agency refers to an outside lawyer-they don’t have one in house). Not sure what my occupation will be for the birth certificate, but you’ll have that.

What has been so amazing is how taken with her everyone is–she has some mystical baby powers, I think. The doctor has declared her perfect (always reassuring), and we go back Sept 8th for some shots. Not looking forward to that.

So she’s home, I’m home, L just got promoted, and we are becoming a nuclear family, I guess. It’s almost like an out of body experience.

We’ve been emailing the birthparents and baby Kahuna’s birth grandma–they are such great people. They seem to be doing as well as can be expected. It was weird coming home from the hospital and not seeing them–after having such an intense 3 days with them, it’s weird to think they are going about their lives 30 minutes away and visiting baby Kahuna on the website.


To make a long and wonderful story short (I have a 4 day old here!!) we brought baby kahuna home on Friday, August 5, 2005. She is beautiful and perfect, and if she is as giving, selfless, and brave as her birthparents, the world better watch out!! Wow.

Visit her at www.babykahuna.textamerica.com

More Details!!

I’m taking a break from scouring my house to share with the world what we know thus far!!

We met our birthmom and birthdad last week, and the meeting went really well. Akward at first, but thankfully L can put anyone at ease!! So we chatted and chatted and chatted–and we found out that : IT’S A GIRL and she’s scheduled to arrive via c-section at 8am August 3rd!!

We met for almost 90minutes! I followed up the meeting w/ an email to our caseworker, telling her how good we felt about it–turns out that the birthparents called to say that they felt good about it and wanted to know if we did too!!

I emailed a list of names, the birthparents (BPs) told me their favorite two and a middle name, and now we have a name for the baby girl. But you’ll have to wait to find that out.

Oh! And, the BPs have requested that we be in the waiting room at the hospital! So we will get to see her just minutes after she is born. I really can’t even imagine. Past that, I don’t know how much contact we will have with her until the papers are signed (not til FRIDAY), but somehow we’ll hang on……..

We are minorly freaking about where we shall put said child in our 1/2 packed 1300sq ft house, but we figure she won’t take up too much space!!

Please keep every crossed for us!!