almost to day 60

We are almost at the end of the waiting period. We should have a court date sometime in November or December. Yippee! Not that we really feel like it’s not already official. When baby puke happens and you think it’s cute, realize it won’t last forever, appreciate it in a bizarre sort of way, do everything to comfort the baby and don’t really even consider changing your shirt, well, the kid MUST be yours in every way that matters.

In other Monkey news, she had FOUR shots on Tuesday. It was sooo incredibly sad. She earned an extra car-ride nap for that one. We haven’t been driving around aimlessly (a fav way of hers to lull off to sleep) due to gas prices, but Tuesday, I got on the interstate and headed north for my baby. I figured it was a gallon of gas well spent.

She also LOVES our ceiling fan and light. Like it’s crack. It’s sort of replaced the washing machine in the “what everyday household object will soothe our baby lke no baby product ever could” department. Nice too because I can work on the computer while she gets her fix. Which is what she’s doing now.

Annoying and Stupid

I’m not much into the Hollywood scene. I have noticed that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are doing the crazy “rush rush” whirlwind romance, and honestly, handn’t given it much thought. Til today, whilst watching “TODAY”, they announce that the engaged couple is expecting. Yippee, again, don’t think much of it, except wow, any old-fashioned notions of getting married before getting pregnant have been thrown by the wayside. No biggie. Til they say, “Cruise, 43, has two adopted children with Nicole Kidman”.

Excuse me??? Is it just me or is that like saying, “Jane Doe, 42, has two children, one concieved the old fashioned way and one via in-vitro.”

Or,”John Smith, 32, has 1 child born of a surrogate mother whom he parents with his lover, Bob Jones”.

Or,”Mr. and Mrs. President have 3 children, all delivered Caeseran”

WTF??? Why does it matter? Your children are your children, whether you pushed ’em out, bought them in Antartica or flew to the Moon to find them.

SIDENOTE: Katie was EIGHT when Top Gun debuted and beach volleyball made a comeback!!!

Post placement visit complete!

Baby Kahuna turned two months old yesterday–we cannot believe how fast the time is going.

The social worker came out to the house last week to check up on us–to make sure that we were all bonding and what not. We assured her that we were. A little scary, because I don’t think it’d be that hard to fake. And it’s not like they’d remove the baby at first anyway–they do allow for post-placement depression, likening it to post-pardum. I don’t know if the social worker would hand out the prozac herself or just recommend talking to our doctor!

We also had our first phone call with the birthmom. We’ve been emailing weekly, and sometimes more, but we haven’t heard her voice since the day we left the hospital. It was nice to chat with her–we talked about the babe, her son (who was there to say hi) and the mundane. She was glad the L was there–she was thinking that maybe he’d be at work. Once again, we were amazed at how she keeps it all together.

The babe is here due to an alignment of miracles that still amaze us. And we are ever more grateful for our continously happy story line, after learning that our friends have experienced a failed match. A bmom picked them, then decided to parent. Her right, but what a blow! It’s hard to remember our lives before this roller coaster of adoption, but I’m so glad that we are on this ride!

NEXT UP: setting the court date, probably sometime in November, where the adoption will be finalized, the babe will have an official birth certificate AND a social security number


Figuring out the logistics of the baptism. Easier said than done when accounting for time difference and what not, and planning it between now and the end of the year. But hey, God, trust us, we’ll get it done!