13 Famous People in NYC

Here’s a bit more about our time in NYC, in pictures. The city is a busy place, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find all sorts of celebs….some legit, some more of the YouTube variety.

Famous people 1-4: The four finalists to Hallmark’s Daddy of All Dance-Offs, before the big competition on Friday morning.
Famous people 5-6: Cameron Mathison (All My Children) and Lonnie Quinn (CBS weather) were the judges for Friday’s Dance-Off. They were both really nice and a ton of fun!
Famous people 7-9: Peyton, Archie and Eli Manning happened to be at the Early Show on Saturday morning, filming their segment after the Daddy dancers.

Famous people 10-12: Bradley Whitford, Mark Rylance, and Christine Baranski, key players in the show Boeing, Boeing, which we saw Friday night.

Famous person 13: The Naked Cowboy. It wouldn’t be a trip to Times Square without seeing this guy in his tighty whiteys, now would it?

New York, New York

After our brief stay in Orlando, BgK and I headed off on JetBlue to Manhattan, for the Daddy of All Dance-Offs finals. How did we get to do that? Read here.

Thursday we flew to JFK, had a gut-wrenching car ride (crazy New York drivers!) to 8th Avenue and checked into our midtown hotel. We got an envelope thick with cash for the weekend, and got whisked away for dinner (with the competition, Hallmark, and the promotions company). Everyone involved was down to earth and fun, so it was good time, and the competition wasn’t fierce or anything.

Friday morning was the big dance contest–our friend, Cameron Mathison was there, along with Lonnie Quinn from the CBS Early Show. Now granted, I wasn’t up there shaking my money maker, but I thought the whole thing was a lot of fun. One of the contestants is a ballroom dancing instructor, one is a breakdance instructor,and the third, well, we’re pretty sure he’s someone’s private dancer. BgK told me he started to feel a lot like the girl in “Little Miss Sunshine”.

In the end, BgK came in fourth, but even fourth place came with a mighty big check (literally, and figuratively, if you think that he made that for 1 minute of dancing).

Saturday morning we went down to the live broadcast of the CBS Early Show, and there was a nice segment of all of the winning moves. We also saw a bit on Cirque Dreams, which was awesome, and saw the Manning brothers (who were kind of rude) as well.

We’re supposed to be getting some video of the whole thing–if we do, I’ll be sure to share 🙂

Next up: Our evening on Broadway!! (cue the SATC music!)

Fun in the Sun

I’m feeling some jet lag/hangover sort of feelings, despite traveling within just one time zone and not really drinking. Maybe it’s just post-vacation let down.

Where do I even begin?

Our trip was incredible and fun and went off without a hitch. We had a great time in Orlando, swimming and hanging out at the resort. MAM knows no fear in the water, as long as she’s armed with water wings. We found a pool with a gentle slide–she was thrilled to be able to do it “all by myself! I can do anything!” And yes, that is me, on the internet, in a swim suit. Just in case you were wondering.

Tuesday we headed out to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The picture to the left is MAM and daddy on the train in Suess Landing.We spent a good portion of our time in Suess Landing, and my favorite part was the Cat in the Hat ride. I’d show you pictures, but big brother was watching, and announced over the speaker to BgK to put away his camera!

Conveniently, the Cat in the Hat ride exits straight into the Cat in the Hat gift shop. High on the spinning and the fun, we bought t-shirts for me, BgK, my dad, and MAM….and a bib for McBaby. My shirt actually says Thing 1 on the front, and Thing 2 on the back.

Next up: our crazy whirlwind weekend in NYC!