Kayak Pools Demo Homesite- A Great Way to Make a Pool a Reality

Summer and swimming go hand in hand. At least most summers- this one MAY turn out to be the exception, unfortunately. My whole family loves pool afternoons, where we trek down to the neighborhood pool and hang out for hours. The only thing that would be better would be if we could have a pool in our own  backyard (we can’t, the HOA says). The towels, sunscreen and swimsuits are in constant rotation at our house- it’s a sure sign of summer.

If you’re family is full of water bugs like mine, your own above ground pooll may make a lot of sense (assuming your HOA says it’s ok).

Check the amazing above ground pool options at Kayak Pools.
Check the amazing above ground pool options at Kayak Pools.

Kayak Pools Midwest specializes in helping homeowners discover their pool personality and making the dream of a home pool a reality. Having a pool in your backyard means no schlepping all the towels, snacks, and pool noodles down the street or across town. If the thunderclouds part for thirty minutes, the kids could jump right in! Early morning and night swimming also become possibilities. You could say goodbye to swim club memberships and waterpark crowds, and your kitchen replaces the overpriced concession stand. And when a thunderstorm hits, there’s no mad dash to the car.

Right now, Kayak Pools Midwest is looking for demo homesites to show off their new, virtually “maintenance-free” award-winning swimming pools. As a demo homesite, once your pool is installed, interested customers will come look at your pool to see if it’s right for them. In return, you save thousands of dollars up front and enjoy the pool for many summers to come. Upfront savings, and payments as low as $159 a month makes the demo homesite program popular and a great value.

It’s easy to apply to be a demo homesite, but spots are filling up quickly.

Want more information about our Demo Homesite Program because you want to start your backyard vacation today? Call 877-977-4437 or complete the form here and they’ll call you!

Disclosure: Thanks to Kayak Pools Midwest for sponsoring today’s post & making beautiful backyard pools a reality!

#ReadySetCamp: Tips for a Great Week at Camp

Today  both kiddos are off to camp- for the first time, they’re doing camp apart from each other. The boy is off to his first Scout day camp, and MaM is doing a park camp that focuses on nature. I can’t wait to hear about their days!!

Both programs are day camps, with one overnight for MaM. We were *almost* ready to sign her up for resident camp, but decided not to this summer. I have promised that she will be going to sleep IMG_7415away camp in 2016. Think she’ll hold me to it?

Actually, I can’t wait for her to have the experience of resident camp. I loved camp as a girl, and I loved camp when I was a counselor for three summers in college. Crazy fun things happen at camp!

If you’re getting your camper ready to go away for a few days (or a few weeks), the MinuteClinic and CVS* have you covered. From camp physicals and immunization updates, to treating things like poison ivy, MinuteClinic can help. While you’re there, you can also pick up camp essentials such as:

  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • band aids
  • after-bite/anti-itch cream
  • travel size toiletries
  • flashligt batteries
  • disposable camera (it may blow your child’s mind how those work)
  • any OTC meds your child may need (turn those into the camp nurse when you get there)

When your child returns home, if she’s got a questionable rash or insect bit, the MinuteClinic can help assess the situation. Chances are though, you child will be physically fine while she’s away from home- but what about emotionally?

In my years as a camp counselor, I think we only sent one girl home for severe homesickness. For most campers, the first night at camp is usually the hardest, and then it gets easier each subsequent night. At the week’s closing campfire, many campers are crying…because they don’t want to go home!

Most camps will do a terrific job of keeping kids so busy, they don’t have time to think about home. With technology, some camps will send emails throughout the week with unit updates and photos (because you may be a little lost too). Even if you are a little sad/anxious, it’s important that your child doesn’t see it.

I still remember mail my family sent to me while I was away (I’m sure my mom probably mailed post cards before I left)- it’s always fun to get  mail. Send your camper fun postcards with upbeat messages, like “I can’t wait to hear about the fun you’re having” and say things like “See you Friday!” instead of “we miss you”.

If you think she’ll use them, send stamped, addressed envelopes or postcards with your camper. From what I’ve heard, they don’t get used so much. And that’s ok- if they’re not writing home, chances are they’re having a great time making friends and memories. And that’s what Camp is all about!

*Thanks to MinuteClinic for sponsoring today’s post. Right now, if you get a camp physical at a MinuteClinic near you, you will receive a CVS coupon book valued at $25 on some important summer time essentials!


Spring Has Sprung, and So Have My Allergies

You might have seasonal allergies if:

You have a box of tissues in every room. And your car. And your desk at work.

Looking at a picture of a field full of wildflowers makes you sneeze.

Your kids know better than to bring nature inside. It’s not a love offering- it’s an invasion of your personal, pollen-free space.

Your daily allergy medication is as essential as your morning coffee,

and you check the pollen count before you look at the actual weather.

Spring is here- and with it, comes the hassle of allergies for 35 million Americans. The Fox and I are two of those Americans, and springtime is rough. I’ve teamed up with CVS MinuteClinic to provide you with some tips and tricks to help get you through until the summer heat scorches the offending pollen away. (Scientifically, I’m pretty sure this is not what actually happens. BUT. Once it gets hot & dry, life is easier).


How Do You Know If It’s Allergies?

Allergies come on suddenly– one morning you wake up feeling great, by lunch time you could be a sneezing and sniffling mess. Other than the histimine reaction happening though, you probably feel ok.

A virus or other infection may cause body aches or fever– seasonal allergies do not.

Itchy eyes that just itch and water are probably “allergy eyes”. Itchy eyes that look glassy or give discharge are not.

Still not sure if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies? Stop by a MinuteClinic, where their helpful, trained professionals can asses your symptoms.


Over the years, I’ve learned some tips that make this time of year tolerable. It mostly involves cleaning clothes, cars and myself on the regular.

CVS MinuteClinic has complied some ideas as well- this time of year they are primed to help the red-eyed, sneezy customers searching for relief. With these tips, you could be on your way to a #SneezeFreeSpring.

First, determine if it’s allergies! If this is not your first rodeo, you just KNOW.

Consult your doctor or swing by a Minute Clinic to discuss medical treatment options. OTC meds have come a long way in the 25 years or so that I’ve been dealing with allergies. Couple that will a nasal saline and plenty of water, and you’ll be feeling better fast. There are prescriptions available when appropriate as well.

Be pro-active, and get your family to be the same – pollen is microscopic, and it’s invasive.

  • Put clothes you’ve worn outside in the hamper.
  • Don’t wear your outdoor shoes in the house.
  • Wash your hair daily.
  • For the love of goodness, do not use hair gel. That’s like walking around with fly paper on your head, just asking for pollen to stick to it. 
  • Do wear sunglasses- that fine coat of dust that’s on them this time of year? That’d be the pollen that’s NOT in your eyes.
  •  Change your sheets, especially pillowcases, frequently.
  • If your allergies are severe, don’t open the windows- use your air-conditioner when it’s too warm for heat.

Thankfully, spring allergies don’t last forever. Once nature’s done doing what it does, it will be time to enjoy summer! (I. CAN.NOT.WAIT.)

Disclosure: Thanks to CVS MinuteClinic for sponsoring today’s discussion, and for stocking everything we need to survive this season!