My Reading List

To Read:

A LOVE LIKE NO OTHER: STORIES FROM ADOPTIVE PARENTS, edited by Pamela Kruger and Jill Smolowe. I read an excerpt in the November issue of Parenting, and it interests me.

THE STORY OF DAVID: How we created a family through open adoption, by Dion Howells. I’ve been skimming through it for awhile–now I need to sit down and dig in.

What I’m reading now:

CHILDREN OF OPEN ADOPTION, by Kathleen Silber and someone else, whose name I’m forgetting at the moment…the book is upstairs and I’m not getting up right now.

This is a neat book in that it goes through the griefing process at each stage of a child’s life. The idea being that with each developmental stage, a child understands adoption a little more deeply and goes through the loss process associated with the new understanding. FASCINATING case studies.

BABY’S FIRST SKILLS by Miriam Stoppard, MD.
Great ideas for playing with baby. A little complicated to follow (there’s a whole play plan–an hour’s worth of activities for each month)–you have to flip through the book to read a description of each activity, but there are great tidbits and ideas.

What I’ve Read:

THE SECRET THOUGHTS OF AN ADOPTIVE MOTHER. I’ve forgotten the author, I only remember that she was very bitter. Rather rude toward the birthmother, rather irked that SHE would have to go through the adoption process–I didn’t relate. Have I been frustrated, yes? Have I not understood where the birthmom was coming from, yes? But does that give me the right rant on and on? I don’t think so. It just didn’t do it for me.

December 1st is the Day…

The adoption will be finalized! We will go to court, get a birth certificate and a picture with the judge that will make it all legal and what not. Just in time for a 2005 tax credit, thank you very much!

Petition Filed

The attorney filed our petition on Monday, which was really nice of him, because we forgot to enclose a check when we sent off the petition in the mail!! So I seriously had to tell the very nice paralegal that “our check is in the mail….”, like a complete goober. I realized we forget the check when filing the cover letter they sent us–oops! Thankfully in-town mail is pretty quick!

So we have to wait 60 days, then we can get a date to set the finalization–yippee!! In the meantime, we debate–baby Kahuna is four weeks old today, but not one month old til Saturday… how old is she?!?!? Is time cheating everyone this way?

We also emailed our social worker to let her know that we may be crossing state lines this weekend–we don’t have bracelets like Martha or anything, but we do have to keep her posted if we leave the state. Oh, and we can’t go to Canada til we have a birth certificate.

Oh, and baby girl is FINALLY enjoying her swing a bit!