A Match Made in Heaven (or the allergists office)

We enjoyed a pool play date today with friends, and friends of friends. On of the little guys we were swimming with has food allergies that make MAM’s look easy (no small feat, mind you). We played so much that all the kids were willing not only get out of the pool for lunch, but to actually be seated and eat (again, no small feat).

MAM and her new friend sat next to each other, and noticed that his bread looked similar to hers. Here’s their conversation:

MAM: “You got rice bread?”
lil pal: “Yup.”
MAM: “I got rice bread. Mama, he got rice bread!! What you got on you rice bread?”
lil pal: “sunbutter and jelly”
MAM: “I got jelly. What you drink?”
lil pal: “Rice milk”
MAM:”I drink rice milk. Mama, he drink rice milk!”

She beamed at him like she’d found the comrade she’s been looking for and….ate.her.entire.lunch. (no small feat) This is a friend we will need to see again!

You mean She Didn’t Care About the Cupcake?

I think every parent wants her child to be just a little better than she is at something. Maybe you can’t sing and want to make sure your child gets the chance. Maybe you never had the chance to be a Girl Scout so you are sure to sign your daughter up at the first available chance.

Maybe you have food issues and are trying your darnedest to help your daughter avoid the same pitfalls.

Turns out, maybe either I’m doing something right or MAM’s just too busy to have food issues right now.

Yesterday when I picked her up, MAM was most excited about an Easter egg ring she was sporting. Turns out her class had a special treat–cupcakes with the decoration that looked like an Easter egg, but really turned out to be an egg you could wear! How exciting!!!

My thought, however, immediately turned to the cupcake, that obviously, MAM did not partake in. I questioned the teacher–was she upset? (no) did she get a treat from her treat box? (it was empty. crap! how did i let it get empty?) did she try to take one? (no) was she ok? (all implying: OMG! THE OTHER CHILDREN GOT A TREAT! MAM DIDN’T! WILL SHE BE EMOTIONALLY SCARRED FOR LIFE?)

Apparently, MAM couldn’t have cared less. She got raisins and rice crisps and a clean plastic egg ring and she was good to go.

So why does it bother me? It’s happened about 5 or 6 times where there’s been a “special” occasion and there’s nothing too special about her ‘treat’ and she’s yet to pitch a fit. Is it that I’m waiting for the bomb to drop? Is it because I can’t resist a treat if it’s housed in the same building where I am? ? ? ? ? It looks like my work is actually to avoid creating an issue where there obviously isn’t one at the moment.

Fun with Froose

My daughter is a milk addict. Well, a vanilla-flavored, rice drink addict. It could be worse, but I’m trying to diversify her beverages of choice. She’ll drink water if it’s her only option, and she will have juice on occasion, but what else is appropriate for an allergy-ridden toddler to drink?

The good people at Froose have an answer for me. Froose is a new beverage designed with children in mind. It is a whole-food beverage, that combines the goodness of organic whole grains (yet it is gluten free) and fruit. It is made with brown rice syrup, which is a complex carbohydrate that makes it naturally low in sugar (7g sugar vs.regular 100% juice which has about 18g sugar per 4oz). Each 4 fl oz box contains 3g of fiber, which if you are parenting a toddler, you know that that is a very good thing.

Of course, something could be nutritious, but if it’s not delicious and appealing, then it’s all for nothing. As I opened a 3 pack of Froose, MAM noticed the cute moose on the front. She was very excited to pop in the straw and drink her “Moose Juice”. She drank it down in no time flat and asked for more. This means it passed the toddler taste test with flying colors. I’m thinking this will come in handy when she’s ill and doesn’t have much of an appetite, when we’re traveling and don’t have many healthy, pre-packaged options, and on days when, well, to be totally honest, I haven’t gone to the grocery to stock up on healthy snacks.

Froose is currently available online at Froose.com, which is also chock full of nutritional information-go check it out!
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