So I’m not posting….

not because I don’t want to, but because we are having computer issues with at captial I. Which means my computer time is limited to the 15 minutes I may or may not have at work, or some other random time. Hardly time to collect my thoughts for a blog post.

However, I think L is distracted enough at the moment that I can extend my “turn” at the computer.

Tonight we had a totally random party at our house!! On a Tuesday!! It was so much fun, and I may still be a little buzzed. I had invited a friend to come swimming with her kids this afternoon…..and while I was at work another friend called her, wondering when a good time to come swimming in my neighborhood would be….so they decided that TODAY was THE day, and planned a cook out to go along with it and told their husbands to come over after work. Then I called M’s godparents at work, and they said they could totally join us, and then the only person missing was L. Well, sure enough, his class got out early and he was even able to make a BEER RUN before we sat down to grilled pork chops, grilled veggies and pasta salad. How great is that?? We had a BALL, the kids had a great time, and my house is actually cleaner than it was when I left for work this morning.

I LOVE days like this!!! Viva La Summer!!


Today the sun came out after 2 days of rain. It was a welcome relief for all involved. M got to play outside, my students had reccess and the flower beds have a chance to dry out a little bit.

Saturday night we went to a CWA (union) picinic–it was raining, so we ate our food, looked at the clown and left. Next year, if the weather is nice, I think that M will have a ball. The park was really nice, and there was a set up for a few small carnival games (rained out) and a moonwalk (rained out). There was a DJ, and a beer truck. Again, if it hadn’t been 60 degrees and raining, I think we REALLy would have had a good time!

M wasn’t phased by the clown at all–L says this is her “best WTF expression”. The clown was very nice, and very calm around M, which I appreciated.

We spent Sunday in the living room, which by the end of the day was feeling really small! I think we were all happy for a change of scenary today.

Due to a staffing issue, I worked til after 3 today, so M had her longest day ever at Rainbow. She did just great–slept for her typical hour, had afternoon snack, and was playing happily when I picked her up. Of course, she promptly fell asleep, and has been down for almost 2 hours. It’s now 5:30pm. My question is, is she down for the night?? Will she get up? How long will she stay up for? She wore herself out at Relay and slept for 13 hours that night. If she sleeps 13 hours straight, that means she’ll wake up at 5am. Only about 1 hour earlier than usual. Why am I speculating? Why am I pretending I have ANY control over this whatsoever?!?!

Day 3

I promise, I’ll stop soon. But it’s all going so well, I can’t stop gushing. Turns out, there wasn’t a new student today. So it’s still just the Babe and her caretaker, Ms. L. Works for me!

There was no drama this morning at drop-off—you know, it won’t happen until I’m not expecting it. Today she played shy for 5 seconds, then went right to Ms. L. When I told L, he said, “So she likes Ms.L more than us, huh?” Yup, that must be it! She spent most of her day with the “big kids”, and apparently loved every minute of it, and napped again on a cot–but only for 30minutes. Sooner or later, I know, she’ll relax enough to take a real nap.


Next weekend is Relay For Life!! Our team has been slow to start–so now it’s time to fundraise with gusto! Please click on the link and consider making a donation to the American Cancer Society. Thank you!!!

The weather has gotten hot and humid today–secretly,the staff at school is hoping it will rain on our picnic tonight. Isn’t that horrible?? It’s just that most of the school (ok, all but 21 of my students) are done tomorrow, which means, of course, they were all really done about 2 days ago. And so it’s just that can-it-please-be-summer feeling that’s taken over the school. Thankfully, when you don’t start working til March, you don’t really feel that way. Which is good, because we don’t get a break until the week of July 4th!