What Rhymes with 104?

Last month my family celebrated my dear grandma, who is now 104 years young. We joined them for the weekend celebration, and got the play-by-play of her big day during the week.

When she turned 100, the mayor came out to meet her, and a reporter wrote a front-page story on her. Apparently, 104 is the next age where you get media attention, because the paper came out again to catch up with her.

She continues to live life in the moment and enjoys telling her favorite stories. She loves the adult coloring books that are so popular right now, and it seems like her sweet tooth gets sweeter every time I see her. She still plays BINGO, and is always happy to see us when we arrive.

If I’m still around in 60 years, I’d like to be just like her!

2 Replies to “What Rhymes with 104?”

  1. She is one in a million! And you share many of her best traits, so yes, in 60 years you’ll be entertaining all with your past adventures!!

  2. She’s lovely! And what a pretty cake. I cannot believe she is 104 – I hope I look that well as I age. You are so blessed to still have her in your lives! What a gift.

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