Plans for Summer Fun

A little magic up close and personal at Indy Monthly Magic!

We are on to week 3 of summer break, and I have to say, so far, so good. We’ve signed up for summer reading, we’ve attended VBS, scout camp and nature camp are on the horizon, and we have a couple of in-state getaways planned (more on those later). We’ve been to a taping of the Friday Zone in Bloomington, attended the June Indy Monthly Magic show, and we’ve been getting in plenty of pool time.

Here’s what we are hoping to accomplish in the next 7 weeks (yes, only 7. It’s sad):

Visit 6 different Waterparks- this is Mam’s idea. They are water bugs, so this is a good goal.

Get all 600 points for summer reading. This would be fantastic, we’d get all the prizes, and just imagine how good it would be for our brains! I do say though, I hope the comic/graphic novel phase wears off. I have a really hard time following/reading those.

DONE: Visit Wolf Park we have plans with the Eternal Lizdom crew to visit in a couple of weeks. We’ve been meaning to visit basically since it opened, so you know, it’s good we’re going now. (post on this coming SOON)

Hanging out on the set of the Friday Zone, like you do.

Visit the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo– again, this is something I’ve wanted to do since I learned about it. Again, good that we’re going before the children are able to drive themselves there.

Visit Holiday World & Splashing Safari– we had a blast there last year. To make this work to our advantage, the children are are earning this trip by cooperating on a daily basis. Their goal is to spell the word H O L I D A Y by the end of the summer. They earn a letter a week if they’ve made good choices. If we can get to HOLIDAY, we’ll go- probably sometime when school is back in session. Because school starts August 5th. Which is weird. But, I digress.

Visit the Indiana Dunes- we try to make it to the beach at least one day each summer. This year, my baby brother is getting married in Valparasio, so I foresee us driving up 49 to the State Park. I mean, how could we not?

I think these activities and trips, along with camp and you know, our day jobs and trips to the neighborhood pool will definitely fill our days.

What’s on your Summer Fun List?

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