The Laundry of Summer

All free clear on washer
Bathing suits. coverups, shorts, t-shirts, you name it, I wash it.

Thanks to all free clear for sponsoring today’s post, and for getting our summer laundry clean, clean, clean.


Week one of summer is in the books, and it was good one. We signed up for summer reading, made it to the pool a couple of times and hung out with friends. The children also managed to eat ALL of the food, and wear all of their clothes. Being home all day uses a lot of resources, I’m working to get things streamlined.

Meanwhile, the kids are busy doing what they do.  The kids LOVE our new neighborhood and neighbors. Every morning, the Fox jumps on his bike and rides up and down the sidewalk, just waiting for someone to come out and play. MaM sleeps a bit later, but then joins in the fun. Grass stains, popsicles stains, marker stains, wet pool towels and toys all over the yard tell the stories of their days. Just today the Fox played with friends at the park. This particular park has a brand new playground…so of course the boys just played in the hill of dirt off to the side. We were not stopping, passing go or pausing to take a picture of the dirty boy, trust me. Imagine a kid dusted in dirt like a a bundt cake dusted in powdered sugar. Yuck.

Enter all free clear detergent (click for a coupon). Since we switched to he machines last year, I’ve been using store bought detergent again, and this has been by far my favorite. My kids are extremely sensitive to scents- why just today MaM proclaimed the bathroom soap to “stink- it smells nothing like the avocados on the label”. She also sniffed out the scent of stale cigarette smoke and attributed it to a library book (she was right). When I use other detergents, she tells me that her clothes smell funny. Clearly, we can’t have that. For anyone with a true allergy to perfume or dye, all free and clear is completely free of all perfumes and dyes. Our clothes come out smelling refreshingly neutral- the sunscreen, the campfire, the chocolate, the pizza stains are all gone without a trace, but the clothes don’t smell perfumey.

All the towels, all of the time.
All the towels, all of the time.

All free clear leaves the kids #FreetoBe wild & crazy- it cleans up whatever they cook up, leaving nothing behind in its wake. So bring on the dirt piles, the ice cream, the arts and crafts, the daycamps and whatever else summer might bring. We’re ready!

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