This is 40 and Skin Care Reviews (they kind of go hand in hand)

This past weekend we watched “This is 40“. And we laughed because it was funny. And then I cried a little because it was true. The ridiculousness of the dynamic between the couple that’s been married for 10+ years, the crazy of the children running amuck, the denial of the impending birthday….so much of it rang true. The good news is that we aren’t business owners who need to sell our house to stay afloat.

over the hill
In hindsight, this whole marketing ploy is terribly misguided.

In a few short months, I will be 40. Do you remember when your parents turned 40? I was already a teen, so you know, they were O-L-D. Do you remember that whole line of “Over the Hill” birthday party decorations that were so popular as baby boomers hit 40? It was funny in 1987. Now it seems terribly misguided.

ANYWAY. At the end of the month, I’m meeting girlfriends for a communal birthday weekend, we all turn forty in 2013. In September, I’m going with the Cosmo moms for another weekend away. I’m not going far for either, because that isn’t really the point. At forty I’m beginning to see what’s important and what isn’t.

One thing that is starting to become important is skin care. I recently had the opportunity to try some products out of my typical interests and price range. At 40, it may be time to level up. Here are the products I was able to use:

Peter Lamas Firm and Lift Age-Defying Eye Serum: there comes a time when you realize that it is time for some kind of eye cream. I’ve always had problems sticking to one, because the positive effects are never immediate. Really, it’s damage control, so you don’t really see rewards when you use it, you see problems when you don’t.The Peter Lamas Eye Serum has a unique applicator that makes it easy to apply just a little bit around the eyes. It smells good and feels good, and is so pretty, I like to use it. It says that it has apple stem cells as an active ingredient. I don’t know if that’s apple stem cells, or apple stem cells, but it’s pleasant.

Pros: it’s in a sleek container, it smells good, the applicator is cool. Cons: none

Juara Avocado/Banana Mask: I love the idea of wearing a face mask and getting a mini-facial. This moisture inducing mask smells good, and it delivers the promised moisture, which is always a plus. When I wash it off, my face feels fantastic. It’s the wearing of the mask that’s a little difficult. The directions warn to keep it away from the eyes, but I also found that it’s important to keep it away from the lips and nostrils as well. I’m not quite sure how it works, but there’s a lot of tingling involved.

Pros: it smells good, skin feels great after use. Cons: there’s more tingling than I like when it’s applied

Sebamed  moisturizer: At some point in my early thirties, I realized I needed a real daily moisturizer. Sebamed makes a great one- it’s thick without feeling heavy or greasy. When I apply it, my skin feels instantly more hydrated, but not clogged.

It tingles a little, but it’s not uncomfortable. What is uncomfortable is what happened when I put it under my usual moisturizer/foundation combo. That was too much goodness at once, and it stopped feeling good. I found it best to use this at nighttime only.

Pros: Nice moisture, not too heavy

Cons: Smell is not appealing, can interact with other products to produce burning sensation

DeVita chamomile skin cleaner – I love that the directions on this product flat out say that you can apply it to a dry face. I don’t know why I don’t like washing my face, but I never have. This cleanser is extremely gentle, it’s smooth, not gritty. It also doesn’t involve any tingling or burning, which I appreciate. After it’s washed off, my face feels clean, but not stripped.

Pros: Can go on a dry face, it’s smooth, leaves a clean feeling, not a stripped one

Cons: none. This stuff is da bomb. Did you hear I have a birthday coming up?


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