Listen to Your Mother: The Audition Process

This week Judy and I are happy to announce that we’ve figured out the audition process for Listen to Your Mother: Indianapolis!

As she outlines in our announcement post, we’re going to go with the two step model.

Step One: Email us your piece at

Step Two: We’ll narrow down our submissions and invite people to audition the first week of February.

From there, we will have two rehearsals and then show will be May 2 at the amazing Indiana Historical Society.


Please, please, please consider writing your story and submiting to us.

Every day, I check the account, and every day, I get chills when I read the stories you’ve written. I cannot wait to hear them read aloud, by the very people who’ve written them.

2 Replies to “Listen to Your Mother: The Audition Process”

  1. I just found out LTYM is coming to Indianapolis and I’m so excited! I’m definitely coming to the show. I’m also trying to get up the guts to throw my words in the ring. Here’s a question for you…is it possible to enter two? I’m having trouble deciding…

    1. Thank you for stopping by- I’m excited that you’re excited!!! Please do submit something, we’d love to read it. We can accpet one piece from each person- so make it your favorite, the one you want most for other people to hear 🙂

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