I Dreamed a Dream…

About Listen to Your Mother.

No, for real. Last night I had a dream that someone had secured her own sponsor for specifically her essay. Think product placement. It was weird. It was a good sponser- it was a chocolate company. Geneva Chocolate? Generous Chocolate? Something like that. And the whole thing was about how this particular chocolate was the best chocolate for moms.

I will be the first to admit that chocolate is sort of instrumental to motherhood- but we aren’t able to feature paid product placements in our LTYM essays.

So if you have a piece about motherhood- either about being mothered or mothering yourself, AND you’ve not signed an agreement for product placement in your writing, please submit it! Find all the details in this post about submissions!

On the outside chance that a local chocolatier is reading this, drop me a line– we are accepting sponsorship for the show, but we can’t read essays about your products.

Listen to Your Mother: The Audition Process

This week Judy and I are happy to announce that we’ve figured out the audition process for Listen to Your Mother: Indianapolis!

As she outlines in our announcement post, we’re going to go with the two step model.

Step One: Email us your piece at ltymindy@gmail.com

Step Two: We’ll narrow down our submissions and invite people to audition the first week of February.

From there, we will have two rehearsals and then show will be May 2 at the amazing Indiana Historical Society.


Please, please, please consider writing your story and submiting to us.

Every day, I check the ltymindy@gmail.com account, and every day, I get chills when I read the stories you’ve written. I cannot wait to hear them read aloud, by the very people who’ve written them.

3rd Annual Ag Essay Contest “Our Food, Our Farmers: Nourishing Generations of Hoosiers”

Do you remember essay contests from when you were in school? In grade school, I think we wrote essays in class for the DAR, the Rotary Club and other assorted civil clubs. It’s a right of passsage that hasn’t passed on- this is the third year for Indiana Family of Farmers Ag Essay Contest.

This year’s contest is sponsored by both Indiana Family of Farmers, as well as Indiana Humanities (as part of their two-year Spirit of Competition initiative). The theme is one that will make proud Hoosiers stand a little taller:  “Our Food, Our Farmers: Nourishing Generations of Hoosiers.” Students are asked to write a grade-level appropriate essay addressing the following:

Describe how Indiana farmers 1) nourish our families, 2) our animals, and 3) our earth (soil). Please provide an example from each of the three areas.

Students in any school in Indiana, grades 4-12 are eligible to participate. Grades 4-6 are to write less than 200, grades 7-9 are to write less than 400, and grades 10-12 less than 600 words.

For teachers (I know you’re reading), Indiana Family of Farmers and Indiana Humanities has already done the heavy lifting for you. They’ve lined up the essay writing process with Indiana Core Academic Standards, making your job a little easier.

Does your class or your individual child need a litte more motivation? Each grade level will have two award winners. In addition to an invitation to the Indiana State House for recognition on March 5, 2013 in celebration of National Ag Day, the first place winner of each group will recieve an Apple iPad, and the second place winner will recieve Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones. I kind of want to enter myself now…

The deadline is February 1, 2013, so it’s time to get researching Indiana’s rich agriclutural contributions. Encourage your children to enter, and email your child’s teacher the details on this exciting contest!

Complete details about the contest can be found on the Indiana Family of Farmers website, as well the Indiana Humanities website.

This post is sponsored by Indiana Family of Farmers and Indiana Humanities.