Springing Forward

Would you believe me if I told you I gave up blogging her for Lent? Not really, eh? How about that I was busy filling my 2012 Forty Bags for Forty days? (While  I could have been busy with this, I actually was not.)

No- we’re just busy with spring around here.

We’ve been checking out the fun at Conner Prairie.

MaM participated in her first Math Pentathlon & sang in her first chorus concert. She’s planted a tree with her Daisy Scout troop, and will be bridging to Brownies next week, which kind of blows my mind.

This weekend it’s grandparent’s day at the Fox’s school, AND we have tickets to the Music Man at Beef and Boards.

The boy is growing up so fast- he’s figured out the “big kid” swings, and has fun on the playground like he never has before.

The girl? She got a two-wheeled scooter for Easter and hasn’t looked back.

I’m still writing at Persephone, and at Savvy Source, but mostly I’m trying to keep up with my two dynamos!

What’s new with you? I know, it’s been awhile!

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