The Joy of this Boy

I cannot believe that Friday night, we went to his preschool orientation.

That he’s made a light saber out of his infant toy (the Fisher Price Rock N Stack rings).

That he’s over three feet tall and nearly forty pounds.

I certainly haven’t documented his life nearly as well as I documented his sister’s (what they say about second children? it’s all true), but he’s growing up, whether I blog about it or not.

He plays with his cars, his guys, and his tools.

He’d live on hot dogs, chicken nuggets, graham crackers and yogurt if I let him.

He’s been planning his “Lightning” birthday for weeks — a chocolate cake, with Lightning McQueen, please. He knows there will be presents involved, and that it’s going to be “his” day. He’s got a  Batcave coming for his birthday, and I think it’s going to be a BIG hit.

In many ways, I can’t believe that he’s going to be three, in other ways I can’t believe he’s only been on earth for three years, because I certainly can’t imagine life without him!

Happy, Happy THIRD Birthday, my sweet, sweet boy! (I’m getting this post up early, Tuesday’s his big day)


6 Replies to “The Joy of this Boy”

  1. and I can’t believe he’s only 3… When we met recently I would have guessed him to be older! Happy Birthday!

  2. WOW does time fly! Just seems like yesterday you were wearing him around the WTE Kiddie Day parade/fair day – how was he so small in that carrier???? Happy Bday, big man!

    1. thanks, Stork. Isn’t it just ridiculous how fast time is going? He was under 10lbs at that point, can you believe it? He clocked in at 39″ and 39lbs at his check up this week!

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