Viva Frittatas!

A while back, CSN offered me the opportunity to try out one of their many online stores –they’d provide me with a gift card, I’d do the shopping and then review the experience.

It took me awhile to decide what to get — after all, we have a POD full of housewares sitting in a storage warehouse. After some contemplation though, I decided it was time for an oven safe skillet. It was easy to narrow down features, price points, and brand names, and from there, a clear winner emerged — the pans I’ve reviewed below.

Frittatas for everyone!

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

Prepare delicious omelettes every time with this versatile Calphalon pan! These 10″ and 12″ Calphalon Omelet pans features a thick, flat, wide bottom for quick, even heating and cooking. This Calphalon omelette pan has a cast stainless steel handle that stays comfortably cool f…

Amazing pans

By Michelle from Indianapolis, IN on 2/19/2011
5out of 5

These are a well made combo. Unlike cheaper nonstick pans, there’s no coating to start peeling off. I use them every single day — they are a great value!


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