A True Confession: She’s Gone Country

I don’t know how it happened.

I don’t think it’s ever happened before.

I’m slightly embarassed and rather disappointed in myself.

I didn’t read a single novel this summer. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

This from the person who used to keep book logs “for fun” in elementary school. Such a sad state of affairs.

When I received an offer to review She’s Gone Country, I jumped at the chance. A book would be delivered to my house, and since it was a review, I would have to read it! Phew. Summer reading guilt dissolved!

Except that summer got in the way, I didn’t really start reading it until this week. And since MaM started school Monday, technically, summer is already over. But the State Fair is still happening, which actually, then, in my book makes it still summer. I digress.

On the surface, the premise of She’s Gone Country sounds a lot like the movie Hope Floats (remember Harry Conick, Jr as a cowboy?), but reading a few chapters in, this book is a whole lot meatier.

The plot revolves around Shey Callen Darcy, Texan by birth, supermodel by day, doting mother of three teen boys by night. Separated from her “suddenly” gay husband, Shey returns to her family’s ranch licking her wounds and contemplating her next move.

The story unfolds nicely, as the boys’ rebel against their mother, Shey’s brothers continue to see her as a younger sister who needs protecting, and Shey’s first love enters the scene.

I won’t go into too many details, because the story moves along with surprises and twists. It’s a good read, and it involves kissing cowboys. It also involves an almost 40 yr old woman on the edge of something familiar, yet new. Of welcoming back her past, but with adult eyes. Of seeing her hometown for it’s good points and bad points, and discovering what it is she can do to help.

Much like I enjoyed Easy on the Eyes last year,
I really enjoyed this story because it’s a mature love story. It’s a story that takes time to involve the children, the work/life balance and extended family, just like real life does.

Disclosure: The Hatchette Group sent me a copy She’s Gone Country to review. The opinions are all mine.

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