Sitting Here….

In our house that hasn’t sold yet. That hasn’t even had one showing yet.

I don’t think it’s anything our Realtor is doing or not doing.  It has more to do with the fact that 12 identical condos are on the market in our subdivision, none of which have had much interest shown in 2010.

So we sit. We wait.We get a little more lax in the “new carpet rules” every day. The dishes are back to sitting in the sink a little longer.

The parameters of “we need to be able to straighten the house in 30 minutes” has been expanded to say, 90 minutes.

Here’s the thing–we need to sell this thing. Thankfully, we don’t have real time frame or restraints. Our children aren’t getting any younger. We’d like for them to have a backyard (sans retention pond), and a few neighbors under the age of 60. We’d like for them to have their own rooms, and a little more space to play. I’d *like* a bedroom without a freakin’ skylight (shows great, sooo annoying when trying to sleep!) and a two car garage. But really, I know we are lot more comfortable and a lot better off than so many others, as annoying as it is, I can’t really complain.

Have you sold a house lately? Any tips on how to stay motivated to stay “show ready”?? Or how to find a buyer in this market?? We’re stumped, and getting rather bored with the whole thing…..

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  1. Wow, that stinks! Our house has been on the market for about a month and we have had a dozen~ish showings. No go yet. I am having trouble staying motivated when we go more than 5 days without a showing. I cannot imagine going months. Hopefully you get that call soon!

    And, have you tried anything online? Any for sell by owner type sites you could list it on? Or Craigslist? A lot of houses are being found online now…

    1. I’m glad at one of us is moving in the right direction toward selling. We are listed several places on the internet, including Craigslist. There are just a slew of identical units on the market right now, and NONE of them are getting any action. We are considering using our friend’s bunny suit and standing at the intersection near our house to drum up interest! (whether it would be the right kind of interest, I don’t know…)

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